Red Metallic Nana Shoes & Teal Trousers | Behind the Scenes!

red metallic nana shoes

Granny shoes can look ironic and beautiful, on a chic 20-something. red metallic nana shoes & Teal Trousers
But what about us more mature ladies?
Can we pull off the ironic look?
Or, do we just end up looking frumpy?

red metallic nana shoes

It may come as no surprise to you that I think age is an irrelevance when it comes to looking dowdy and frumpy.
Being a frump is not age-dependent.

Being a Frump is NOT age dependent.

You can be 25 and frumpy, or 75 and fabulous!

red metallic nana shoes

Nana shoes are wonderfully comfortable and easy to wear.
Plenty of room for your toes and a sensible heel…. sounds like something Nana would approve of!

These metallic red Nana shoes have been on my radar for a while now…. but with a £62 price tag they were a little steep for occasional wear.

But, with a little patience, these lovely shoes finally made it into the sale for £9.99.
That’s more like it!

However, granny-style shoes can look ugly, for a couple of reasons:

  • Structureless shoes (that show the shape of the toes, and the bones in the foot) can look unflattering. Especially if the bones in your feet are less than perfect… Very few people have perfect feet!
  • The high vamp (across the top of the toes) can give the shoe a very old-fashioned look.

But, they are SO comfortable, and I love the way they feel on the foot.
To disguise my toe bones I stuck a thin layer of chiropody felt inside the top of the shoe.
This gave the shoe slightly more structure and cushioned my toes from the leather.
Chiropody felt is fantastic to use if any of your shoes rub.
Cut a strip and simply stick inside the shoe wherever you need it.
Instant comfort and a better fit.

As for the old-fashioned shape of the shoe…
Keep the look modern by choosing interesting colours (like red metallic!) or unusual textures.
Avoid navy….{yawn}… or anything deliberately “Good for work”.
Having said that, red metallic is good for work isn’t it?

This outfit came together easily, from the toes up!

The comfortable red shoes led to cosy teal trousers, and a fine wool cream polo neck.

Adding a bright red top was great for hiding my post-birthday-cake-baby.

Hello 43.

A simple (neutral) clutch and my chunky necklace finished things off nicely!

I thought I’d leave you with a sneaky peek at my new toy.
A big pop-up reflector, to bounce the weak Scottish light!
Here is my little helper shining her light in the drizzle.

She did a great job!

How do you feel about Nana shoes?
Comfortable and ironically cool?
Or frumpy, dowdy and boring?

Please share your thoughts in the comments

WOOL TROUSERS: Topshop (old as the hills)
SHOES: Red or Dead
BAG: Tkmax
NECKLACE: Charity shop find… about it HERE
RED TOP: Topshop… this jumper is lovely!
ROLL NECK: c/o Emreco
LIPS: MAC Vegas Volt

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