Styling Dungarees, Over 40.

styling dungarees over 40 denim

Dungarees get a hard time, don’t they?

They drift into fashion every now and again (or so the fashion houses tell us) and are styled beautifully in the fashion magazines.

Some of us rush out to buy in to this seeming effortless image.
Only to realise that the dungarees can make us look like we are heading out to a fancy dress party.
{Chucky, or Bob the builder, anyone?
Add a yellow T-shirt and I’m a Minion!}

Not so chic and effortless after all.
Just a bit of a mess.

Often these poor pairs of dungarees end up being worn once, only to be regretted, and eventually donated to charity.
Or, they might be lurking in a drawer somewhere, gathering dust, relegated to decorating or gardening attire.

Such a shame.

Well, while some women are donating their dungarees to the charity shop, I bought myself a new pair!
This time in blue denim.

Did I mention that dungarees are incredibly comfortable?
I love them!

styling dungarees over 40 denim

his pair of dungarees are from the teen range of Boden, and were on sale, so they were super-cheap.
{I got them for £9, after sale discounts and voucher codes… a serious bargain considering my Topshop ones were £48}

If anyone is tempted to shop at the kiddies section, these dungarees are age 15-16, which is approximately a UK10.
I have cuffed the ankle to show off my shoes, but unfolded they reach just below my ankle bone (I am 5 feet 6).
(Always check the measurements.)
Don’t rule out the kiddies section, you can find great basics (and shoes) at much cheaper prices.

{Here I am in kiddies shoes, and again Here.
This outfit Here, includes a vest top from the teen section.}

styling dungarees over 40 denim

On to shoes…
{See a list of shoes you can easily wear with Dungarees, Here}

I am swooning over the new Jimmy Choo ‘Trick’ buckle sandals (see my pinterest board for more shoe inspiration) they are stunning.
Unfortunately, they are also £825… gulp!
If you have the budget, then go for it.
If not, you need to be a little more inventive.
{Try these, from Topshop}

These are my old All-Saints (bought on eBay for a few pounds) dupes!

I can’t vouch for the Choos, but mine are so comfortable.
They are a definite ‘all day’ shoe.
(I trailed around Ikea in them, I was bored stiff but my feet felt great!)

I thought these buckle shoes would lift my dungarees out of gardening mode and make them more grown-up, and fun to wear.

This floral blouse (last spotted here) adds more of a feminine touch to my outfit, with both the pattern and the fabric.
The loose sleeves keep the top feeling light and airy, a perfect contrast for the toughness of the denim.

Warning: Any tops you wear with your dungarees can ‘ride up’ (unless it is a cropped top).
This might expose unwanted fleshy bits… I know that I don’t want my flesh hanging out!
If you don’t either, you can wear a bodysuit.
Or….you can ‘secretly’ tuck the very edges of your top into your undies (just at the sides).
No one will know, so don’t tell a soul!
Such a simple trick and it works a treat.

A super-girly butterfly necklace added yet more femininity and sweetness.

My cute ‘running hare’ pin, a fun bag and a cluster of pretty rings finished things off nicely.

See my other (black) dungaree posts:
Here, with a touch of Chanel!
Here, with a tie neck blouse and chunky sandals
And, Here with a simple knit.

Are you sticking with Dungarees?
Will you be buying any of the AW styles?
Or, will you be glad to see the back of them?

Please share your thoughts on dungarees in the comments.
Or, Contact me.
I love hearing from you!

DUNGAREES: JohnnieB (teen section)… These are the adult version.
SANDALS: All Saints (old)….check these out (swoon)!!! These are affordable.
BLOUSE: Charity shop (very, very old) … this one is pretty, and on sale.
NECKLACE: Accessorise…check this pretty one out.
BROOCH: Bought from a street market in Edinburgh… This one is lovely.
GLASSES: Primark… I love these.
RINGS: Various gifts, Charity shop finds and sale pieces.
TOE POLISH: BarryM Blueberry

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