Summer Shorts Outfit

summer shorts outfit over

Another day… another pair of shorts. summer shorts outfit over
It’s summer after all, isn’t it?

Sometimes It’s think summer has abandoned us.
If the truth be told, I’m wearing a thermal base layer under here (you can see the sleeves).
It’s chilly!
However, I’m also determined to tough it out in the leg department.

{It’s July for goodness sake!}

I’m refusing to put the heating on (despite the chill) AND also flatly refusing to put my legs away.
I feel like a sea bird on a winters day with fluffed up feathers (my thermals) and icy legs!
Luckily, if my feet are warm my body usually follows and leather trainers with padded socks saw to that.

summer shorts outfit over

I’m also quite liking the blue/green mix going on here.
I know it’s supposed to be a fashion faux pas BUT my shorts made me do it!
The colours in the pattern were calling to me….

“Mix blue and green. Go on! You know you wanna!”

I couldn’t resist.

Using an established pattern to mix colours is the safest way to do it.

Zero skill required.

Comfy trainers and a slouchy bag finished things off perfectly.

This bag is brilliant BTW!
No straps, so potentially a pain BUT it’s surprisingly easy and comfortable to carry.
I’ve not put it down since I got it.
It seems to go with EVERYTHING.
Seriously… even my joggers!

summer shorts outfit over

COTTON SHORTS: Unbranded… years old and second hand then!
BLUE TEE: Weekday
THERMALS (just seen): M&S. Many years old and practically worn out!
KHAKI JACKET: GAP (many many MANY years old)
LEATHER SHOES: Adidas (hand-me-downs)
HEADBAND: Made from a scarf to hide my “please cut me!!” hair.

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