White Denim Shorts • Over 40 Casual Summer Style

white denim shorts over

Today I’m wearing pair of white cut-off denim shorts.
Some may say I’m too old.
Not only shorts but definitely DIY cut-offs… AND especially white ones!
Some may tell me to cover up my decrepit knees.
I say…

“No thanks!… I’m not dead yet, thank you very much.”

I’m 46 and my legs are coming out without apology.

End of.

white denim shorts over


It’s easy as pie to make a look as individual as you are.

{Even if we both wore EXACTLY the same items we would look completely different, wouldn’t we?}


Shoe swaps:

Not everyone likes (or suits) an espadrille.

Why not try swapping them out for…

  • Open Sandals (heeled or flat, whichever you prefer)
  • Mules or clogs
  • Good old trainers!

Bottom Half swaps can make outfits more wearable:

White Denim Cut offs are not for everyone.

More wearable swaps might include…

  • White Jeans
  • White tailored shorts
  • White Bermuda shorts (on trend)
  • White wide trousers
  • White capris
  • Even a long white skirt would work beautifully!

Top half swaps are easy too:

  • Any layered waistcoat over any vest top or camisole would work (pick a neckline that suits your body)
  • If you don’t like the top of your arms adding a sleeved (long or short) shirt over your vest top would look lovely.

Maybe it’s too warm for a jacket where you are?

(Lucky you!)

  • Ditch the jacket and add a khaki linen shirt or even a lightweight cotton/linen cardigan.

Every look can be tweaked to suit YOUR body and YOUR personal style.

DENIM SHORTS: Very Old and turning a bit yellow around the edges now!

SHOES: Lunar

BAG: Handmade by Me!




HAIRBAND: Made from a scarf

white denim shorts over

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