Sweatshirts & Pencil Skirts | Alternative to Jeans

sweatshirts pencil skirts alternative

Jeans are a wardrobe staple that many of us couldn’t live without!
They have been around (for what feels like) forever, and are not going anywhere anytime soon.
I could happily wear jeans for almost any occasion.
In fact (if I had to) I could wear a pair everyday!

But, what if you’re a bit fed up with your denims?
What if you feel like mixing things up a little?
How can you keep the casual look without reaching for your trusty jeans?

sweatshirts pencil skirts alternative

Today, I wanted a comfortable casual vibe, but with a little extra personality.

A vintage pencil skirt was the answer!
Pencil skirts can be a great alternative to jeans, especially skinny jeans.

A pencil skirt will give you that slim fitting shape to balance looser tops (not that mine is very baggy today!) but also add a little something different.
Especially if the skirt has a pattern.
A touch of quirkiness, and fun.

Not to forget, a pencil skirt is super-feminine too!

sweatshirts pencil skirts alternative

This vintage pencil skirt is a firm favourite of mine.
The quality is superb, and this beauty has been worn MANY times.
I love it!

{See it HERE, HERE and HERE}

Today I wanted to wear it with a fun sweatshirt, and gutties.

{Gutty = A flat plimsoll-style shoe, like a Superga or Converse}

This kind of outfit requires zero accessorising and is practical for a busy day of running around.
Adding a red lip, and simple studs, was all I needed to do to finish off the look.

Do you often wear jeans?
Have you tried a pencil skirt in a casual outfit?
What would you chose as an alternative to your denims?

Please let me know in the comments.
I love hearing your opinion!

SKIRT: Vintage Windsmoor… this one looks nice.
SHOES: Guess… these are cool.
BAG: Clarks… similar.

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