THE Coat to be Seen in this Autumn / Winter

the coat to be seen

According to the fashionistas, Instagram stars, glossy magazines and mega bloggers, the shearling jacket is set to be BIG fashion news this AW 17/18…. the coat to be seen in this autumn


In particular, the Aviator style is rumoured to be THE jacket of the moment. Aviator styles seem to crop up regularly as the latest “Must Have!”.
However, for any of us who have been around the block a few times (that will be me!) this new trend might seem like old news.
If you have seen this trend already, you might be lucky enough to already own one.

{Vintage styles are always a cool option in my book!}

According to the fashion forward folk we need need to be buying ours now (while it is still technically summer) to be ahead of the fash-pack, and save that “sold out” heartache.

I suppose it makes sense if there is a specific style you love and know you will wear to death.
Otherwise, it’s fun to just browse and get ideas for the new season ahead.

Of course, trends are trends and no one (no matter how cool they were) could panic me into buying anything I didn’t want to buy anyway.

However this (re-emerging) trend is definitely one I can get excited about!
What could be cooler than an aviator jacket?
It’s classic, timeless and ageless.

The cool aviator jacket goes with anything and everything and will keep me roasty toasty during the cold Scottish winter…. as long as my trusty brolly is close at hand to stop the shearling trim getting soggy!

I’m on the look out for one that ticks all of my boxes….

  • Extra Warm
  • Well made and finished
  • Slightly oversized and ‘cool’

Whether it’s from a regular high street shop, charity shop or online.
I’ll let you know how I get on!
(If only I had a vintage gem tucked away in the wardrobe….)

So, whatever your budget and/or fabric preferences (vegan leather or real shearling) there is a aviator out there for you.

Please share in the comments if you have an Aviator in your wardrobe and how you will be styling it!
I’d love to hear from you.

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