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Is 40 too old for skinny jeans and cropped tops?

A couple of years ago, just before I turned 40, I had a bit of a wobble style-wise.

I think it was my first midlife crisis (I anticipate more to come!)

And no, I am not talking about going crazy and buying leopard print micro-mini dresses and leather catsuits.
I’m talking about donating my ‘too young’ clothes to the charity shop and buying some more sensible items…more ‘appropriate’ for my age.

I still cringe thinking about it.
I would have been better off investing in the leather catsuit.

It all started after a sneering comment from someone regarding a dress I was wearing,

“Are you not a bit old for that?”

 I remember a seed of doubt germinating in my mind, and thinking to myself, 

“You ARE going to be 40…maybe they have a point”

“How long can you keep wearing student-chic style clothing?”

“Is it time to ditch those ripped jeans, buy a black pencil skirt and start growing up a little??”

The saddest part of this story is that I was filled with self-doubt about my fashion choices by someone with zero style! In fact less than Zero (is it even possible to have negative style??).

In hindsight there was probably an element of jealousy that provoked this comment in the first place.

Anyone who needs to put you down in order to feel better about themselves should be pitied not listened too…..AND also crossed off your Christmas card list!

So, after this temporary wobble (and the addition of some yawn-inducing items to my wardrobe) I feel like I need to make amends. Especially for those poor items sent unnecessarily into the great unknown (aka, the charity donation bags).

Here is an outfit that would make the Zero-styler’s eyes water.
Super-Skinny jeans (actually, jeggings) and a cropped jumper.

Yes, I am over 40.
Yes, I have given birth to 3 children (and been the size of a hippopotamus each time).
And no, my body does not have model proportions and perfect muscle tone.
But I’m not sorry….I LIKE skinny jeans and I LIKE cropped jumpers…and that’s the way its going to stay.

too old for cropped
too old for cropped
too old for cropped

I know that, for some people, this might be slightly too much to bear…. should theses items not be banned for the over-40 woman?
One article I found agrees… In fact this article has a list of items that anyone over 30 shouldn’t be wearing. OVER 30!! Are you kidding?

Well, I say we should be able to wear what we want!
As long as we have due respect for the occasion and we understand the limitations of our own figures then the only thing holding us back is our imaginations.

Do you own any ‘forbidden’ items?
Please let me know in the comments.

P.S  Please check out the lovely Catherine @Notdressedaslamb. She has a fantastic new post about wearing what you like and uploading it onto instagram…it sounds like lots of fun! I am looking forward to seeing many more fabulous rule-breakers in action.

P.P.S  I decided to buy leather leggings as the catsuit WAS a step too far…..However, I won’t be ruling it out altogether…perhaps for my 50th?

Cropped Jumper: Illustrated people
Jeans: Falmer (@Matalan)
Shoes : Marc Jacobs (very old)…an Ebay bargain.
Leather Bag: Unknown (a gift from my son, clever lad!)

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