What to wear for a date over 40 | Bright patterns and a Vintage Kimono.

What should you wear on a date, over 40?

This is a tricky fashion subject… and can cause hours (or even days) of worried deliberation, over forty or not!

None of us want to look trashy and cheap, but we equally don’t want to look boring, frumpy or (even worse) forgettable.
How on earth do we proceed?
Well, I think definitely not “with caution”!

what to wear for a date over 40

It is best not to over-think this kind of occasion and outfit.
Over-thinking leads to over-doing and ultimately a style disaster…. too much makeup, helmet hair and excessive accessories are off-putting to a potential beau (believe me, I’ve done the legwork).

what to wear for a date over 40

I would always suggest throwing open your wardrobe and selecting an old favourite that makes you feel (and ultimately, look) your best.
Now is not the time for a completely new outfit.
Confidence and comfort are key for being yourself and enjoying your date.

Of course, new accessories can give you a welcome boost and a bit of zing-a-ding-ding, but I would avoid new shoes…. uncomfortable feet show up on your face and are not sexy!

Now granted, my ‘Hot date’ is with my husband BUT this is such an exceptionally rare event that it feels like a first date! (Well, almost).

Luckily, my uber-short hair involves zero effort so I could focus my time on a sexy dress 😉

I decided on this colourful and a little ‘bonkers’ neoprene dress.

It is incredibly comfortable, especially after a big meal…no restricting tailoring to battle with.

It also does not wrinkle or crush…perfect if you are sitting down for part of your date.

It is a demure length, unlike my previous Bodycon effort, but still sexy.

AND, most importantly of all, it reflects my personality. I feel very ‘Me’ in this dress.

This vintage Kimono was my “Sqeeeeeal!” moment.

I was casually rummaging through a vintage store in Edinburgh with my friend. She was looking for something but I was just enjoying some of the extreme vintage styles and pondering how lucky students were…being able to wear completely ironic clothes and look fabulous in them.

Anyway, as I was brushing my hands along a rail of fluffy 80’s jumpers, I touched on something silky…Oooo, what’s this?

As I pulled it out from the tangle of knitwear I actually gasped.

It was truly beautiful.

Plain, simple but exquisite.

The fabric has a weight and handle that you just don’t get in most stores now.

I slipped it on and it was like it had been made for me.

It was a no-brainer.

I put it with this butter-soft, leather Obi belt that I picked up in a TkMax bargain bucket for a couple of pounds, and it finishes it off perfectly.

The Obi goes around the kimono then, when the kimono comes off, around the dress. 


My shoes were another Charity (Thrift) shop bargain…Dune cork platform sandals with black suede straps.

My blue clutch is from Linea and I wore it here with a tea dress.
Just before we left, it started to rain (it is Scotland after all) hence my large umbrella, AGAIN!
But, you can’t let a little thing like the weather spoil a potentially great night.

what to wear for a date over 40

Do you have a date coming up? What are you going to wear?
What do you wear for dates with your partner? Please share in the comments!

Dress: Newlook
Kimono: Vintage
Shoes: Dune
Bag: Linea
Earrings: Claires
Umbrella: Samsonite
Belt: found at Tk’s

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