trend: 80’s style evening wear | Pleats and Bling!

What to wear for a night of dancing…

Fashion should be fun, right?
So when a rare night out comes along, why go for your usual look (whatever that may be)? When you can play around with the new trends, be creative and just enjoy yourself a little more!

I know I have recently declared my unwillingness to try the re-cycled 80’s¬†party wear¬†trend (HERE),¬†BUT, a girl can change her mind can’t she?

trend 80s style evening

I found this pleated, one shoulder, angel sleeved top (it’s actually supposed to be a dress but is barely bum-covering on me…yikes!) in a bag of clothes I was going to donate to the charity shop. 
It is very pretty and was calling out for a little TLC and a new lease of life. Sometimes an old item can seem fresh if I haven’t seen it for a while. I just need to re-work it and wear it in a new way.

These black satin harem pants with the dropped crotch were also heading out of the door to a new home, but I needed to try and make something out of nothing today, so a little imagination was called for.

trend 80s style evening

I did, initially,  try to go for a ‘chic and slightly serious’ look in my photographs, but as I tried to show off my giant pleated sleeve things got a little silly…especially when the breeze picked up and it started whipping around and tickling me!

trend 80s style evening

I knew that I needed some serious Bling Bling with my 80’s inspired outfit, so my chunky gold necklace and this enamel buckle belt came out to play.

These Zara metallic shoes are perfect for this look.
They have a nice low vamp, with a subtle amount of toe cleavage. I just love that in a shoe!

Back in the 1980’s the shoes seemed to be all about the higher vamp, so this touch stopped my outfit looking too ‘fancy dress’. I did not want to look like I had turned up at the wrong party!

My beaded clutch, gold coloured hoop earrings and some bangles finished things off nicely.
Oh, and of course, dark shades and red nails….it wouldn’t be the 80’s without!

Shoes: Zara (Mine were Charity shop/thrifted) but I like these.
Trousers: Topshop (similar)
Top {dress! hahaha} : Topshop (similar)
Clutch bag: Primark (others)
Necklace: M&S (similar)
Belt: Unknown (old and second hand)
Nails: Barry M

As I was getting¬†ready to go, the Calvin Harris song “Acceptable in the 80’s” song popped into my head..
The 1980’s was, most definitely, the decade that style and taste forgot.¬†
I remember some of my friend’s Mum’s ‘interesting’¬†ensembles….don’t even mention the mullets and the perms!
And, it’s all coming back this Autumn/Winter 2015.
Are you ready?

The 80’s is cool again, Well for evening/party/disco wear anyway….and I have to admit that the 80’s crowd certainly knew how to party!

Will you be giving the 80’s a re-spin or giving it a very wide berth?
Please share in the comments, I would love to hear your thoughts!


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