Vintage Dotty Dress and a Summer Trilby

vintage dotty dress and summer

Do you wear hats in summer? vintage dotty dress and summer trilby
I’m wearing one of my favourites today.
A compact summer trilby.

This particular one is a gent’s hat.
I need to buy my hats from the men’s department because ladies hats are always too small.
They perch on top of my head in a comedic style.

It can be annoying, especially when the gent’s hats are mostly sombre and the ladies versions have much more colour!

Having said that, gent’s hats are often better quality.

Why is that?
I’m not sure.
I think it’s often true with gent’s clothes too.
Maybe the men in our lives don’t accept poor quality and therefore it doesn’t sell?

I’d love to know your thoughts on that!

vintage dotty dress and summer

This trilby is a gent’s XL… yep… an extra large.

My huge baw heid (Translation: Head like a large ball) takes a lot of covering!

I’m wearing my hat with a cute spotty dress that may (or may not) be vintage.

I’m not sure.

If you recognise it please let me know where it’s from!

  • See this spotty dress worn in early spring with boots HERE.
  • See this hat worn HERE, with a jumpsuit and see a different style of trilby HERE with other hat inspiration.
vintage dotty dress and summer

This outfit needs no other accessories because each of the elements has plenty going on!

  • A dress with details… spots, buttons and a bow.
  • An interesting hat with a side flourish.
  • Shoes with an edge… A mixture of textures and buckle details. Buckles are always a winner for me!
  • An interesting bag.
  • Job DONE.

HAT: Christys (very old)

DRESS: Charity shopped (maybe vintage, maybe not!)

SHOES: All Saints… old too.

BAG: eBay

(Yet another SUSTAINABLE outfit… read more about that HERE)

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