Yellow, Peach and White | Sustainable Fashion

yellow peach and white

We don’t always get the weather we want, do we? yellow peach and white sustainable fashion
It may be summer but it’s COLD!

The Scottish summer is predictably unpredictable.

Today I’m layering up but keeping things soft and summery.

I’m also keeping my whole look as ethical as possible.
I’m wearing the most sustainable fashion ever.
And you can too…

yellow peach and white

The most sustainable fashion on the planet is the items you already own.
Your clothes, re-styled is the most ethical and eco-friendly outfit you’ll ever wear.

yellow peach and white

I’m digging out my yellow trousers AGAIN and styling them with a simple tee and white trainers.
Adding a light-coloured peachy mac and a cheeky grey layer makes more of an interesting colour combination.
A simple and casual outfit without a penny leaving my purse!

It can be hard to keep wearing the same old, same old.
Modern times mean we are spoilt for choice when it comes to fashion and we get bored VERY easily.
Many of us are making the effort to shop less, recycle more and re-wear those tired pieces.

{Tales of Zara/ASOS/Nordstrom ‘Hauls’ leave a sour taste in my mouth.}

With a few tweaks like fun accessories OR simply mixing different colours together, older clothes can seem fresh again.
Simple additions can inject a little life into your look.
Take this belt… unloved in a 50p bin.
Brand new, great quality and SO much fun to wear!

Are you trying to shop less and re-style your wardrobe?
I’d love to hear about it!

COAT: M&S (Charity Shopped)
TOP: Boden (past season)
CARDIGAN: Charity shopped (no brand)
TROUSERS: Next (old)
SHOES: Puma (old)… and almost done! :o(
BAG: Secondhand from eBay
BELT: In the 50p bin at my local charity shop!

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