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wardrobe malfunction clinging fabrics

Late summer, in Scotland, is a mad mix of different weather conditions.
One day the thermals are on, the next, the legs are out.
Rain is practically a given, and can strike at any time!

This was one of the “Get your legs out, quick!” days.
So, a dress was in order.

A friend (at work) recently gave me this tunic dress.
She told me that she didn’t like the fabric.
Well, it seemed okay to me.
A heavyweight, silk-style polyester.
I was sure it would make a nice summer outfit.
So, I styled this tunic as a dress.

I love the colour combination of blue, yellow and orange and I like the high neckline.
The ditsy floral pattern is not really me, but it is good to try new things, right?

So, I popped on a full slip in order to make it feel less like a long top, and more like a real dress.
Luckily, my blue jacket went perfectly with it, and provided a subtle layer of warmth…as well as smartening me up a little!

wardrobe malfunction clinging fabrics

Adding a cluster of fun brooches (again) kept things from getting too serious!

wardrobe malfunction clinging fabrics

A simple pair of flat metallic sandals cancelled out the short hemline, and kept the outfit in “cute” territory.
{See a closeup of these silver shoes, here}

A silver bangle, ring and my trusty grab bag finished things off perfectly….

Not so fast, there was trouble ahead.

I went out for the day, comfortable, colourful and pretty happy with my look.
Totally oblivious to the malfunction about to occur.

At first I thought I had created a little bit of static from moving around (walking) and sitting on a bus.
It seemed strange because my shoes were leather soled, and any static should be earthed easily, so I began to gently un-peel the dress from my body.
Big mistake!

The more I teased and pulled, the more the fabric wrinkled and clung.
The clinging got more fierce and unsightly the more I tried to stop it.
The dress rode up, and started to show a little too much of my body.
I looked like I had been wrapped in cling film.
Truly hideous!

The fabric is polyester, and unlined, but this amount of cling was something I had never experienced before!

My slip had turned out to be a BIG mistake.
(Even with the spritz of hairspray and plenty of body lotion.)

I had to make an emergency detour into the public loo and wriggle out of my slip.
How embarrassing!

Once I had freed myself (very slightly) from the cling (and my slip) I felt a little exposed.
Strange how a layer under my dress gave me a feeling of security.
The cling had subsided (a little) but I felt like I was out in my undies!

Luckily I did not have to be out for long, so I could pop home and change into something more suitable.
(I actually put this dress on, with my slip…much better!)

Thank goodness I was not at work, that would have been mortifying!

Needless to say this little tunic/dress is going into storage for a while.
Maybe it will be better with tights, boots and a poloneck in the winter months?
Although, I suspect not.
Maybe I will produce sparks with more layers!

{This is not the first time I have suffered a wardrobe malfunction.
Read about another funny one here.}

After searching the Internet, I found these hints and tips to help reduce static:

  1. Move to a humid country! Humidity reduces static. (I found this one funny)
  2. Don’t over-dry your items in the tumble dryer, air-dry outside if possible. 
  3. If you have to tumble, use tumble dryer sheets or balls of aluminium foil in the drum.
  4. Avoid rubber soled shoes. 
  5. Make sure your body is well moisturised.
  6. Use baby powder on your body.
  7. Spray your dress with hairspray.
  8. Lightly spray your dress with water.
  9. Touch something “grounded” to discharge the static.
  10. Wear an anti-static slip.

I had followed tips 2, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 10.
Short of jumping on a plane, I am not sure what else to do!

Please share any wardrobe mishaps you have experienced, in the comments.

Or, share your tips for avoiding static.

I love hearing from you and need all the help I can get!

DRESS: Monsoon (This one is pretty, and won’t cling!)
BLAZER: Monsoon (This one is nice for autumn)
SHOES: American Apparel (These are very cool)
BAG: Hidesign (very old)…this one is nice.
Bangles, Earrings and Rings: Various gifts and Charity shop finds

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