Wearing leather leggings, over 40.

Casual daywear, over 40. wearing leather leggings over 40

Styling vintage clothes with leather leggings.

This outfit has quite a lot of things going on: Vintage items, Layers, Colorful footwear, Legwarmers (with bows), an Oversized Snood, Leather leggings and on top of all that..the Scottish weather to contend with!

Let’s start by talking about leather leggings.

Leather leggings, over 40?!

Oh dear, they can look awful, can’t they?

But I need to clear one thing up right now…

Leather leggings, looking awful, has NOTHING to do with age….or size.
It is all about attitude.

{Okay, a decent bum does help, BUT can easily be covered if you don’t have one}

Leather leggings are edgy and cool and you need the attitude to match.
Wearing leather is all about the attitude.

Things to think about when wearing leather leggings:

  • Get the best Quality you can afford. If your budget is tight then get a good faux leather. Or, ponte with a leather trim…they can look really nice too.
  • Make sure they Fit!!! A baggy bum is just awful, and you don’t want to be yanking them up all day.
  • Keep your Footwear in mind. A patent spike heeled ghillie boot gives off a very different vibe to a suede slouchy one. Pumps (court shoes) can look really classy and trainers give a relaxed (sports luxe) feel.
  • Keep the rest of you look loose. Now is not the time for plunging necklines, boob tubes and skin tight tops…although, if you are a woman on a mission then this is a winning combination. Go for it and have fun! 
  • Casual layers work well. If you are looking for a “too cool for school” vibe. Although, I wore vinyl leggings for a wedding (honestly)…see that post HERE.
  • Rock them!! Stride out, they are sexy (even styled casually) so own them. It is the ONLY way to wear leather leggings. Don’t apologise…strut your stuff!
wearing leather leggings over 40

Cosy knitted layers.

I chose to mix my leather leggings with some casual layers, for a colourful and relaxed daytime look.

This vintage cardigan/coat is 100% {old-fashion} wool.
Do you remember the kind that still had it’s lanolin?
It used to be a little itchy on the skin,  but repelled water and was so warm.
Modern wool is just not as warm, perhaps it is over processed?

Does anyone else agree?

This jacket is so cosy (a double layered knit) and a classic shape.
It goes really well with a skinny jean, or in this case, a skinny leather legging.

I popped on another cosy layer in the form of this giant, oversized snood.
It can be worn like a scarf or as a shawl/cape. Perfect as an extra layer against the wind.
The camera can’t share with you how wild it was…hang onto your hats! (or berets in this case)

wearing leather leggings over 40

You can see in the photograph below that I am a bit soggy, but still smiling!

I needed to take off my layers to show you my vintage shirt and bright jumper.
The jumper has side zips and a leather trim which ties in with the trousers and pulls everything together.
The vintage shirt is a joy to wear…see how I styled it here with vintage shoes and a cape.
It is important (for me) not to look like I am off to a fancy dress party when wearing vintage.

I love vintage items for the cut and quality…plus the fact that you are unlikely to bump into anyone wearing the same.. but I want a modern look.
Full-on vintage is a look I love on others, but not for me.

wearing leather leggings over 40

My bright raspberry pink boots were the obvious choice with this outfit!
They are old now (and originally from the children’s section at Boden) and I will be so sad to see them go when they finally fall to bits. :o(
Why am I struggling to find anything similar? I can’t be the only person who likes bright shoes (over the age of 10) Can I?
These raspberry beauties pick out the pink in my snood (and of course, the umbrella…without which, I would have looked like a drowned rat) and with the addition of a fun legwarmer (wool again) with cute bows I felt good to go.
That is the power of wearing a little colour and having fun.
I defy anyone to be glum in pink boots!

Do you/would you wear leather leggings?
How will you style them?
Do you like bright shoes and boots?
Please share in the comments…I’d love to hear from you!

Snood: Handmade..by me! (this one is okay….I tried for an age, but couldn’t find anything like mine….if you do please share in the comments!)
Cardigan/coat: Vintage Windsmoor (this is their modern version, in a more practical grey)..this Boden one is nice too!
Shirt: Vintage Jacques Vert (this one looks cool!)
Jumper: French connection (this one is great…and a gorgeous green!) This one from Boden would work.
Leggings: River Island (real leather ones) these ones are faux leather…and just as awesome!
Umbrella: Fulton (this one is black with stars on the underside…want! I could not find a decent pink one, except for kiddies with peppa pig)
Earrings: A gift (these are nice).
Legwarmers: Tabio (found on ebay)
Boots: Boden (these are nice…..these are hot pink :o) and funkier) These are kiddies ones (and go up to a 39)…I want them in teal!
Lipstick:Barry M (fun and cheap!)
Beret: TkMaxx (this one is beautiful…swoon)
Leather gloves: A gift (these are nice, and fleece lined)

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