Wearing White Military style Coat in Winter.

wearing white military style

Styling a statement wearing white military style coat with a fur hat. wearing white military style coat in winter

Last night I was heading out on a date with my husband.
Romantic meal for two? Erm… not really… we went to see a punk band.
Yes, you read that correctly!

I have to be honest, punk is not my first choice of music (I am more of a raver than a rocker) but I still had LOTS of fun.
I will not bore you with the details of the outfit underneath this coat… A Victoriana-style sheer blouse, black skinny jeans, black OTK boots (last seen, here, with red)
Not very remarkable.

I did, however, want to share with you this beautiful coat.
It injected some drama into a plain outfit, and just a little more of my own style.

wearing white military style

This winter coat is actually a sample that was never turned into the ‘real deal’.
It is made of heavyweight wool (nice and warm) with a full skirt, and has the most beautiful silver embroidery at the collar and cuffs.
The finished piece was going to be £750 (and this was about 10 years ago) but I got it for £28!
Of course, the £750 version would have been finished to a higher specification.
For example, buttons to match the embroidery and a different lining (the lining is bog standard polyester satin).
BUT, for my bargain price of £28 (had I mentioned that?!) I was not complaining.
Even in its ‘sample’ guise it still has great impact.
There is no need to accessorise to inject some personality.
My hat and gloves were purely for practical purposes.

wearing white military style

It was so cold that I really needed a cosy hat, shivering is not an option for me!
Luckily, having short hair has its benefits.
One of them being: I can pop on a hat to keep warm and dry, never worrying about ‘hat hair’.
As long as the hat goes on neatly, I can just whip it off, ruffle up my hair and I am good to go.

This furry hat is an old favourite of mine.
I have had it for years and I wear it very often.
Cosy and fun.
See how I wore it with white jeans, here.

A pop of raspberry lipstick, was all I needed to finish off the look.

Coat: Sample from Ebay (this one is nice)
Hat: Old (I like this one too)
Boots: Vintage! (These are nice)
Jeans: Topshop
Bag: Primark (similar, and down to £10)

Have you ever bought a ‘Sample’?
Would you wear a white coat in winter?

I love to hear your thoughts… so please leave a comment.
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