Welly Weather! | Storm Wear, Cobalt and Orange.

Wearing colour on dull days. welly weather storm wear cobalt and orange

How to wear wellies and have fun!

After days and days of torrential rain, I have finally resigned myself to all matters practical.
Sitting indoors peering out of the window in dismay, wrapped up in cosy layers.
I decided just to bite the bullet and get out there, cosy layers and all!

Anyone in the north of the UK at the moment (especially up here in Scotland) will have been affected by Storm Desmond.
Yesterday was wild.
Howling winds and flooding.
I felt like I needed a canoe and a life preserver.

But, when you need to go out, you need to go out.
There is no point moaning about it.
Waterproofs and layers are a given, but what about shoes?

Wellies were the only option.

Sometimes you can’t wear anything else but wellies.
Even waterproof (walking) boots are not enough.

But, let’s face facts here…Wellington boots are not a stylish item.
No matter how expensive they are, or what designer label is on them, wellies are wellies!
But, if you are ankle deep in water what other choice do you have?

If you really need to be in a pair of wellies, then you may as well bring some fun and colour into the mix.
Wellies, unfortunately, make my legs look like pencils stuck in jam jars.
So, I go all-out bright and bold and hope nobody notices the jam jar effect!

welly weather storm wear cobalt and orange

A full-on, full-length waterproof coat was the only option today (Why is this one not made in bright yellow?).
The wind was howling and the rain lashing.
There was a 10 minute “break” in the rain..where it was falling at a slower rate, and we ran outside with the camera (I feared for its well being) to take a few shots.
I was going to take off my coat to let you see my dress again, but I quickly changed my mind! Bitter cold.

Of course, I needed to wear some chunky long socks with my welly boots.
Filling some of the free space between my leg and the boot.
These boots are bright blue and they even glow in the dark! Honestly.

I was disappointed to find that there are hardly any colourful and cheerful wellies for adults.
Why not, I wonder?
There is no point in pretending wellies are stylish so why make them boring?
Kids seem to have all the fun.
I want bright yellow wellies too!

welly weather storm wear cobalt and orange

In order to bring more light and cheer to the day, I added a pair of bright orange tights (last spotted here in an effort to lift my mood).
Orange tights are guaranteed to make you smile.
My super-cosy jumper dress came out again too (see it here with bright blue tights).
Warmth was my priority today.

welly weather storm wear cobalt and orange

Have you been affected by any storms so far this Autumn/Winter?
What do you wear in wet weather?
Do you wear wellies? Or, would you rather stay indoors?
Please let me know…I love hearing from you!

Wellies: JuJu Jellies (they glow in the dark!!)
Coat: Seasalt
Dress: LondonFashionWeek (from Asda…old)
Tights: Gipsy

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