Secret Winter Layers | Boho Dress and OTK Boots.

secret winter layers boho dress and otk

Secret winter layers boho dress and otk. Do you ever get tired of reaching for your Winter Coat, every day? {Or, like me, your Winter Waterproof Coat?}

What can you wear if it has stopped raining (hooray!) but is still bitter cold?

I am so sick and tired of wearing my long, waterproof, coat almost everyday this winter.
The weather has been relentless and, as a non-driver, practicality (unfortunately) reigns supreme!

So, when there was a break in the rain, I was delighted to leave my waterproof coat hanging in the porch cupboard.
At last, a cold and dry(ish) spell…a few flakes of snow were blowing through the wind but nothing like the deluge we have endured.

I could have easily reached for one of my colourful wool coats or even a puffer, but I wanted to wear this oversized knitted coat.

This coat was hand knitted and is very warm and comfortable.
Wearing it is like wrapping yourself in a blanket!
However, it has no sleeves.
Which is challenging in cold weather.

This calls for some “Secret” layering.
{Invisible layers that only you know you are wearing}

secret winter layers boho dress and otk

How to wear Invisible layers and stay warm:

  • Choose your fabric wisely. Very few people want to add bulk to their look. Try fine wool and silk for a super-thin, super-cosy effect. A lightweight (and close fitting) thermal top adds almost nothing to your silhouette.
  • Don’t forget your legs! Many people forget to treat their legs to an extra layer, and just focus on the upper body. If you add that extra warmth to your lower body, it really makes a huge difference. Thermal/wool tights or fine gauge leggings under your jeans or trousers work wonders!
  • Treat your feet. Extra fine wool socks under your “normal” socks are very effective. Be careful when wearing too many socks. If your toes are restricted, and can’t move around, they get very cold very quickly.
secret winter layers boho dress and otk

It won’t surprise you to hear that I am layered up (to the max) in this 70’s inspired outfit.

However, this dress shape can be very difficult to pull off.
The dropped waist can be very unflattering, adding bulk where it is least needed.
Add to this the potential problem of multiple layers, and things could get chunky.

Luckily, thin layering meant I didn’t swell up too far!

My Secret (and not-so secret) layers:

  • Fine wool socks.
  • Wool tights 
  • Chunky, wool, over the knee socks.
  • Over the knee boots.
  • Dress
  • Waist slip
  • Polo neck top
  • Fine thermal top
  • Lightweight wrist warmers (made out of the sleeves of an old, shrunken, cashmere jumper)

Add to this my coat, scarf, hat and gloves (all wool) and I am fighting the chill with ease.

Confidence comes from feeling good.
Feeling good comes from being comfortable.
Comfort, and being the right temperature, go hand in hand.
So cosy layers are a confidence booster.
There is nothing stylish (or fun) about shivering.

Do you have any any tricks for staying warm on cold days?
Or, keeping cool on sweltering ones?
Please share any tips you have in the comments….or tweet me@samantha4blair.

Dress: Asda. This one is similar and really nice!
Boots: Ted and Muffy….these are cool.
Tights: Levante (similar)
Polo neck: La redoute (similar)
Coat: Handmade (this one is beautiful)
Scarf: Urban outfitters (similar)
Gloves: Asos (these are great!)
Hat: Topshop (old)…I stuck a feather hat pin in it, for a little more colour.

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