What I wore on a Cold Spring day | Pastel Outfit

what i wore on cold

Let’s clear one thing up before I start… what i wore on cold spring day
really don’t like pastels that much.
Pastels make me think of two three things:

  1. Little old ladies in twinsets and pearls.
  2. Little girls in frilly dresses and buckle shoes.
  3. Party treats and birthday cakes.

I certainly don’t want to look like no.1 or no. 2.
Number 3, on the other hand, is not a million miles away from this outfit!

The more I look at these pictures the more I realise that I’m channelling the party cake look here.
Those layers of coloured sponge and the icing-like ruffle.

what i wore on cold

Cake-inspired fashion aside there is also something childish about this outfit.

I know that I said I didn’t want to look like a little girl BUT (ironically) the jumper I’m wearing is from the kids’ department.

{I have removed a few rainbow sequins from the front of it but it’s still a little girl’s jumper.}

What can I say?
I liked it.
It fitted me.
I bought it.

what i wore on cold

I’m also digging out my old yellow trousers from 2017.
I’ve worn them SO often since I bought them, they’ve been a great buy.
Unfortunately, they’re starting to look tired now and have lost their shape a little.

(They were never a fantastic fit. Next clothes never are on me. But they’re fitting less well now.)

However, I’m determined to get another season out of them… or two!

I’m also wearing a pair of lilac converse that I picked up brand new in their box at a local charity shop for a couple of pounds.
Just what I was looking for!

I must say at this point that cropped trousers, baggy jumpers and very flat shoes are NOT the most flattering of shapes to wear together.
This combination will seriously shorten your legs.

My legs are long (compared to my body) and they’ve still been visually chopped in half by this outfit.

I’m just about getting away with it (… maybe…ish??) but it’s tough.

If your legs are on the shorter side, or your body is proportionally longer than your legs, avoid this unflattering combination.

However, if you love a cropped trouser then all you need is a slight heel to give a bit of oomph and cheat a longer limb.
An easy fix if you can bare it.
(A platform trainer or a wedge sandal would be perfect.)

Are you a pastel fan?
Do you ever dress like a party cake or unflattering combinations like flat shoes and cropped trousers?
I’d love to hear your thoughts.

JUMPER: the kids’ department at Tesco!
TROUSERS: Next (old)
BAG: Cambridge satchel company (old)
SHOES: Converse (charity shopped)
SHIRT: Vintage

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