What to wear for shopping trip : Wearing shades of

what to wear for shopping trip
what to wear for shopping trip
what to wear for shopping trip

Shades of blue from head to (almost) toe.

Do monochrome outfits work?
If you are like me and are drawn to bright blue clothes but feel that they can leave you looking washed out and downright ghastly then welcome to the club!

Unfortunately the cool undertones in gorgeous electric blues can make me look ill and I need to pile on the make-up (not great, especially over 40) so I am constantly searching for a warm coloured blue.

I found this blouse in Primark and let out a little squeal of delight at it’s beautiful colour.
I had to have it.

As it was only £6.00 it is made of polyester (sigh) and is certainly no good on a hot day (humid heat and polyester = unpleasant stink) BUT today is neither warm nor sunny so it is perfect.

I teamed it with these Teal 7/8th trousers from Topshop. The ankle-length hems scream out for some cute and colourful socks and chunky brogues. I would normally avoid heels, unless I was going to be sitting down a lot, but these have a great block heel and are super-comfortable.

I love love love this shopper/tote bag. It is the most amazing quality (gorgeous leather details) and looks so cool. AND you can fit a surprising amount in it.

I also wanted to wear a small handbag, just enough room for the essentials, that I could tuck discreetly under my arm in the busy shops…. this one from The Sak is perfect.

This denim-look jacket is from GAP and is super-soft and comfortable. There is no restricting tailoring to contend with AND (even better) I found it in a Charity shop for a few pounds….how I love a genuine bargain.

I would like to pretend I was going on a glamourous shopping trip for myself today, but today is school-uniform-shopping-day (x3) and my hard-earned cash will be well and truly spent.

Do you crave colours that you know don’t suit you that well? Please share in the comments.


Trouser: Topshop (old)
Jacket: GAP
Blouse: Primark
Small Bag: The SAK
Shopper: Beck Sonder Gaard
Enamel Brooch: Vintage
Necklace: New look
Shoes: Clarks
Socks: Tommy Hilfiger

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