What to wear to a Wedding evening reception

A sequined dress, vinyl leggings and new shoes?!

Sequins and VINYL?….at a wedding? Over 40?!
Sounds hellish, right?
Totally inappropriate!

Well, to be honest, I did have a black and white, satin, polka dot, wiggle dress looked out…which is lovely. And, yes, it would have been much more in keeping with tradition, expected, predictable, boring,  ZZZzzzzzzz (sorry, just dozed off for a moment).

I knew the reception was going to be full of shift dresses and court shoes,
and of course they look lovely.
BUT, if you are not a ‘shift dress and court shoe’ person normally, why wear them for a wedding? 
It just makes you look and feel uncomfortable. 
You lose your style mojo.
You don’t feel like yourself and end up missing out on the fun by not dancing or just constantly pulling and rearranging your clothing and shapewear.
I don’t understand it.

I wanted to be comfortable and confident…and feel like myself.
I also wanted to dance all night and have lots of fun.

Oh, did I mention that I had new shoes?!
I really HAD to wear my new shoes :o).

what to wear to wedding evening
what to wear to wedding evening
what to wear to wedding evening
what to wear to wedding evening

I chose to wear this tunic dress because I had recently found it in a Charity shop (thrift shop) and it was another ‘squeal out loud and do a little dance’ moment.

It is by Antik Batik and I have seen similar styles by this designer on Net-a-porter for about £200-300, so £10 (and my size) was a genuine bargain.

It put me in mind of 1920’s flappers (and it moves very satisfyingly on the dance floor, with it’s side splits and swooshing panels).
So the obvious thing to do (for me) was to avoid ANYTHING 1920’s-esque and grab a pair of vinyl leggings. 
They do add a different texture and some more interest to the outfit.

My NEW SHOES (did I mention I had new shoes?!) are a delight to wear.
They are so comfortable and just different enough to make me smile without being OTT.

My chunky necklace seemed a little too much at first, but I felt that delicate jewellery looked out of place with the vinyl and chunky shoes, so (breaking the rules, AGAIN) more was definitely more for this outfit.

A box clutch and my sleeveless jacket (vest) finished things off nicely.

So, I admit that this look might not be for everyone BUT it worked very well for me.

I felt comfortable and confident, was dancing all night (embarrassing my children nicely) and not sitting fiddling with an uncomfortable dress or complaining of aching feet.
All-in-all the perfect choice.

What would you wear for a wedding reception?
Do you feel comfortable in the shift dress and court shoe combo?
Would you wear vinyl?
Please let me know your thoughts.

Dress: Antik Batik (Charity shop find)
Leggings: Pamela Mann @uktights
Jacket: French connection now in the sale!
Clutch: Tkmaxx
Necklace: Topshop
Earrings: Newlook
Shoes: Topshop unique (now on sale!)

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