How to wear a mini skirt, over 40.

Mini skirts? For WORK… Over 40?!

What a horrible thought!
Shouldn’t the over 40’s be wearing a nice beige two-piece or a twinset and pearls?

Are we even allowed to wear mini skirts at such an advanced age?

Well, yes actually.
We can (in case you hadn’t heard) wear what we like at any age!

There is nothing inappropriate or tacky about this cute little outfit.In fact,  I think this is an ageless look.
Perfect for a smart-casual work environment.

These are my Top Tips for wearing mini-skirts and keeping the look ‘Cute and Fun’ instead of ‘Overtly Sexy’ or {worse, in my opinion} Frumpy:

  • Keep your upper body covered. Now is not the time for OTT cleavage (unless, of course you are aiming for that kind of look, in which case…don’t let me stop you! Fashion is supposed to be fun after all).
  • Opaque hosiery looks great with flats or heels. Brogues or booties work especially well.
  • Beware of wrinkly ankles in opaques (and sheer tights too) especially with ballerinas…make sure your tights FIT properly, the Nora Batty look is NOT chic.
  • If you want to go for bare legs (or well-fitting, sheer, nude tights) then stick to flats, like ballet shoes. Otherwise your funky look can go a step too far towards Mumsy or Hoochy (depending on the shoe).

I could have gone for a nude (or nude-look) leg here, as my top half is covered and I am wearing flat shoes BUT it was pretty chilly and the wind whipping around my legs was not pleasant…brrrr.

Blue and mottled flesh on the legs {or, as I call them, corned beef legs} are definitely not attractive!

cute and simple outfit for work

This Satin skirt is so well made, a nice shape and fully lined. A good lining makes such a difference.

It has unusual, structured pockets which give it more shape and add interest. 

I teamed it with brown opaque tights (black looked too stark) and I would have been tempted with lighter coloured, opaque, hosiery, such as a light camel or tobacco colour (note to self: buy more tights!), if I had chosen a darker top.

My white shirt has a pretty pleated collar and is so comfortable to wear. 

It is the softest almost-sheer cotton (easy to iron) and is great for layering.

Speaking of which, I decided to layer some necklaces: My fish bone (last seen with a Bodycon dress) to bring some contrast to the blouse and my daughter’s faux pearl choker, purely for the light is casts on my skin.
Little pearl stud earrings (real this time) were just subtle enough and a perfect!

My Grab-bag is a great size, it holds just enough ‘stuff’ without weighing me down (my little umbrella fits nicely).
And, of course, I had to add a couple of PomPoms…also seen here.
You are going to see a lot of them this Autumn and Winter and I’m not going to apologise.
I love them!

So what do YOU think?
Is this a look you would go for or is this hemline a little too far North for your liking?
Please let me know, I love to read your comments.



cute and simple outfit for work

BLOUSE: Asos (similar)
SKIRT: Luxzuz
SHOES: Topshop (similar) I will put a close-up of mine on my Instagram feed.
TIGHTS: Levante airskin (at UK tights)
NECKLACES: Tatty Devine & Newlook
BAG: Hidesign (I like this one)
Pom Pom’s : Newlook
JACKET: All Saints (similar HERE)

cute and simple outfit for work

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