What to wear to pop out to the pub, ripped jeans and ballet flats, over 40!

Today, I wanted to wear this beautifully made (and beautifully old) little cropped Jacket…or is it a cardigan? Lets call it a Jackigan!?

The lining is silk and very soft with pretty feathers on it, hence my equally ancient peacock earrings.
I had to wear my teal cashmere jumper AGAIN…sorry people, it was the only thing that really felt right. I do have other knitwear (honestly) but it was a bit chilly and I wanted to keep things simple. Maybe a shirt is called for next?

The jeans WERE my son’s (he will cringe as I write this) he had outgrown them and I snatched them up!

They are a gent’s fit and needed a turn up to look boyfriend-style (or son-style in this case) as they were a little short on me. I also customised them with a bread knife…lots of fun!
The turn-ups have a reflective trim, very cool.

I then reached for my pink patent ballerinas… they are lovely to wear. Pretty AND comfortable.
I did put Foot Petal amazing arches (arch supports) in them. What a difference they make. Brilliant.

I also usually put a little chiropody felt above the toes in this style of shoe….it maintains the shoe’s shape and stops any rubbing (especially on boney feet like mine).

Does you use any little secret tricks to make shoes more comfortable?
Would you wear ripped jeans?
Do you “borrow” your children’s clothes?

Please comment below and share your tips.

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