What to Wear When the Weather Turns Against You!

what to wear when weather turns against

Best laid plans.
Sometimes planning an outfit is a waste of time.
No matter how much thought you put into it (or how many details you think you’ve covered) reality can hit and all intentions go out of the window!

Move over crisp air and blue skies.
Welcome torrential showers of icy rain.

As you may have guessed, this outfit was not intentional.

what to wear when weather turns against

Not that I really mind because (as I have said before) any carefully planned outfits I construct never seem to work for me.
However, it’s still annoying when a swishy pair of wide trousers need to stay at home.

{See the trousers I wanted to wear HERE}

Unfortunately, the morning forecast had changed from clear skies to heavy rain (and it was HEAVY) so soggy satin hems were not an option.

what to wear when weather turns against

As the whole outfit change was last minute (thank you Scottish weather!) I just grabbed what caught my eye and left.

It was only after I came home that I realised that this outfit is almost the same as THIS ONE.

With just a simple change of top, and a different jacket (I wore this CAMEL COAT) and the addition of a huge brolly.

{I even wore the same pin!}

This got me thinking about how we can stay stylish when the weather turns against us.

In THIS POST the weather was so bad there were no options other than wellies!

{My husband was hiding in a corner to get the shots and the UK was flooding.}

However, most bad weather can still be styled out to some extent.

If it is not too windy then you can wear what you want, just grab a big umbrella and change your footwear for something slightly more substantial.

{I love these old boots and wear them a LOT!}

If the wind is threatening to rip your brolly into pieces (and you are going to be knee-deep in slush) then wear your heavy coat and boots but take a change of shoes with you.

A “quick change” in the ladies is all you need.

Where there is a will, there is always a way!

I don’t drive, so I am often waiting in drafty bus stops or walking through driving rain but I rarely resort to looking like a hillwalker… unless I am walking up a hill of course! 

Life is too short for sad shoes

What do you do if the weather turns against you?
Or, are you lucky enough for that to never happen?

Please share your story in the comments, I’d love to hear your style tips!

DENIM SHIRT: Boden too!
LACE-UP BOOTS: CAT…very old.
CASHMERE JUMPER (worn under): John Smedley

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