When the Wind Blows! Checks and Leather Winter Outfit

when wind blows checks

It’s blowing a hoolie out there! when wind blows checks. When the wind blows checks and leather winter outfit

I may have managed to get my layers to lie flat for a moment BUT, as my hair visibly confirms, there was a strong wind here in Scotland a few days ago (when I took these photos).
This mild winter’s day had a fresh sting in its tail.
Cool but not too cold.
All cobwebs were blown into next week!

Layers were the order of the day.
No surprise there!
The need for layers is a given in winter.
In fact, it’s the same for most days, regardless of the season!

when wind blows checks

As the wind whipped my hair (and my clothes) around, I was warm and comfortable thanks to my leather trousers and some strategic layering.

when wind blows checks

Leather trousers are very warm and (ever since I had this pair altered) very comfortable.
I paired them with a neutral jumper and pair of black boots in this outfit.

Vertically ribbed jumpers can be a little tricky to wear.
I find that the ribbing seems to lay awkwardly on the body and highlight any lumps and bumps.
They’re not the most flattering but can be very chic looking if tucked into high-waisted trousers/skirts or under a dress/jumpsuit.
Today I’m wearing mine in an attempting-to-be-casual ruched up way, and I’m wishing I’d chosen a classic merino jumper instead.
It would have been warmer too!
Ah well, you win some you lose some.

I have a few layers under this jumper including a thermal base layer and a cream polo-neck (which looks a teeny bit Vicar of Dibley-esque here! 😆).
A down gilet offers extra warmth and windproofing.

A simple green bag and a checked coat finished off my outfit nicely!

When I was out and about I had my gilet and coat buttoned up.
No there was so serious flapping about… apart from my hair of course.
It refuses to be tamed!

CHECKED COAT: A Christmas gift from a couple of years ago
LEATHER TROUSERS: eBay (altered to fit)
TAN JUMPER: Old (River Island I think?)

What do you think about skinny ribbed jumpers?

Do you find them awkward and unflattering worn on their own?

Or, do they suit your body shape and enhance your curves?

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