Honest Beauty Review By Terry Lash Expert Double Effect Mascara

honest beauty review by terry lash expert double effect mascara

honest beauty review by terry lash expert double effect mascara

Recently there has been nothing but rotten weather here.

More rain.
More rain.
More sleet.


As a consequence of this, my outfit posts are temporarily on hold.

On the plus side, I’m going to share an honest review of a much-hyped mascara!

The mascara I’ve been trying out is the double effect lash expert mascara from By Terry.

I’ve heard a lot of chat surrounding it and I was pleased to receive one in a little gift set.

{A gift for my Birthday, not from the brand!}

honest beauty review by terry lash expert double effect mascara

The gift set contains 4 products:

  • Baume de Rose lip gloss
  • A metallic eyeshadow stick
  • A mini pot of hyaluronic hydra powder
  • Lash expert twist brush mascara

It’s a lovely little gift set.
The products look great and feel special.

The lip gloss smells amazing and feels lovely.
Not too sticky.
Relatively long-lasting (for a gloss).
It’s too pale for me, but my daughter loves it!

The little pot of powder is a handy size for a handbag.
I’m not completely convinced about the powder itself, but it’s okay.
It initially feels odd on the skin, rough almost, but settles in nicely.
(It’s no better than my Vichy powder though, which is a good bit cheaper!)

The eyeshadow is nice, but nothing too special either.
A convenient little tube and a nice colour.
(My NYX pencil is just as good!)

Now for the main player…
The much-hyped mascara.

This mascara has an adjustable wand that can either be long and narrow or short, dense and twisted.

The extended version is supposed to be good for lengthening and the twisted wand thickening the lashes.

For me, the thicker twisted wand was too chunky and left a mess on my eyelids.
Even when I wiped the wand.
If you have thick and/or long lashes it might suit you better.

The narrower version of the wand was easier to use but still a little messy.
A narrow wand is better to catch those little lashes on the inside and outside of the eye.
If your lashes are more sparse then this version of the wand may suit you.
I much prefered the narrow setting.

honest beauty review by terry lash expert double effect mascara

Gimmicky wands aside how does the mascara itself hold up?
This is the most important factor, after all!

Well, the mascara is nice enough BUT it did flake off halfway through the day and when I was caught in a rain shower it ran into my eye and made it sting and bloodshot!
Not great, and certainly no better than any of my other mascaras.
Would I buy it again?
Probably not.

I honestly think that cheap mascaras are just a good as the pricier ones.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried this mascara and what you think of it.
Or, if there are any you would recommend!

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