Why I’ll Never “Make it Big” as a Blogger

why ill never make it big as blogger

While having a catch-up with my favourite blogs, I began to think about the women behind these blogs and what makes them (and their blog) a success.

Success is, of course, a subjective thing.
One person’s idea of a successful blog may involve a small circle of loyal readers who regularly interact with the content.

Another person’s idea of success may be massive numbers of followers on social resulting in oodles of likes, comments and click-throughs.

Success could also mean making money from your blog, whether that’s just extra shoe money, a comfortable living or the mega-bucks!

Some people may strive for all three, and why not?!

Some blogs are pretty HUGE but don’t monetise in any way.
Others are fairly modest in size but manage to be a nice little earner.

Success comes in so many forms.

What makes a blog successful?

What makes a blog, or any other business venture, a success?
It’s Simple.
Hard work.

Every successful blogger (and small business owner) works their butt off.
Only the one-in-a-million-super-lucky make it big by pure chance.
Successful bloggers work all-day, every day.
There’s no let-up.

If bloggers are not writing, they’re editing.
If they’re not editing, they’re replying to emails and comments.
If they’re not checking emails they’re keeping on top of social media.
It’s non-stop.

why ill never make it big as blogger

Why I’ll never make it ‘BIG’

  1. I say “No, thank you” too often.
    If a brand, product or service doesn’t float my boat I simply can’t bring myself to work with that company.
    I do think about what you (as my reader) might be interested in BUT if it really doesn’t appeal to me I just can’t do it.
    No matter how big the carrot they dangle!

Skin care and beauty treatments/products are the items I knock-back the most… simply because (as a scientist) I don’t really believe in any of the hype… read this post about ageing and why expensive lotions and potions are just a con!

I recently turned down an offer of visits to a salon for a series of (expensive) treatments that just made me laugh out loud.
I couldn’t promote something I knew was a load of baloney.
Putting my name to a procedure that prays on people’s insecurities doesn’t sit well with me.

I have tried to compromise in the past, and make the best of a collaboration, but I felt like I was cheating you as my reader.
It was an awful feeling of shame.
I don’t want to feel like that again.

I still have an open mind, but if my gut says “Nope!” then that’s going to be that!

Find out how to say “No” as politely as possible… HERE.

  1. I give anything and everything away.
    I drive my husband nuts because I tend to give all kinds of things away.
    Anything we don’t need just gets passed on to friends or donated.

I’ve always been a person who passes things on to others.
Everything from my wedding dress to baby equipment, to clothes, to furniture.

It’s must be in my genes!

When they were newly married my Grandpa gave away the chairs that came with my Nan’s new kitchen table (the set they’d been saving up for 2 years to buy!) because a woman on their street had nothing in her house to sit on.
This poor lady’s husband was an alcoholic and used to spend all his wages on beer then come home and beat her.
Her house was bare, and she often had nothing for dinner (when I was little I remember my Nan taking food into her on occasion).
My Grandpa was just doing the right thing and my Nan couldn’t argue!
The funny thing is that they never bought replacement chairs, and always had a mixture of old secondhand ones.
They were good people for sure!

Now, any savvy business-minded person would tell you to sell any items you don’t want/need and never give anything away that could provide a profit.
It makes perfect sense.

Unfortunately, I’m just not cut from that cloth.

I did attempt to sell a few things on eBay a while back but decided to pull out after an unfortunate incident… see the post on my eBay experience HERE.
I’m never going to make my fortune that way so I’ll stick to being more like my Grandpa!

  1. I’m far too opinionated.
    I’ve got a voice and I feel like I’ve earned the right to use it.
    I’m never going to be someone who is diplomatic, sycophantic or even particularly agreeable.
    It’s just not in my nature.
    If I don’t like something I find it SO hard not to just blurt “That’s a load of crap!”.
    Saying nothing is the ONLY answer.

I think diplomacy is a skill most successful bloggers possess and I certainly don’t.
I’d love to be more gentle, measured and diplomatic.
I just can’t sit back and let things happen.
If I feel strongly I have to act and get my tuppence worth in!

So, I’ve resigned myself to never ‘making it big’ as a blogger.
I’m okay with that.
In fact, I’m more than happy to accept the fact I’ll never be rich either.
Even if Fake Fabulous did hit the big time I’d end up giving everything away anyway.
My Grandpa would be proud!

why ill never make it big as blogger

Of course, you know this post is meant to be a bit of fun.
I still love blogging.
I’m not going to stop anytime soon (fortune or no fortune!) and rest assured if I come across a brand, product or service that I think you will love I will be telling you all about it!

What’s your idea of success?
I’d love to hear it!

Last week something very different caught my eye…
How to dye Easter eggs naturally by Lina at Sew Historically.
What a great idea for the crafty-minded people who like a challenge.
Her methods are so interesting and the outcome is beautiful!

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