Why it’s SO Important to Stay Young & How to Do it!

why its so important

We all know the famous George Bernard Shaw quote…

“Youth is wasted on the young.”

It’s a great phrase that always makes me laugh.

{If only we knew back then what we know now!}

As much as I’m more than happy to get older (I never thought I’d make it to 30 let alone 43!) some people get so annoyed and envious of young people.
I don’t understand it.
Complaining about the youth of today and their pretty faces, perfect figures, glowing skin and boundless energy.

{Bitter and twisted much?? 😝}

why its so important

Youth is certainly a gift that many young people don’t really appreciate until they become older, and boring things like responsibilities take over.

By the time you are in your 40’s (and beyond) life is no longer the happy-go-lucky, seat-of-your-pants stuff of our youth.

Life should (and needs to be) taken more seriously.
Not always.

Of course, with age comes responsibility (and some seriousness) but that just makes us appreciate the fun and silliness all the more, doesn’t it?

Yes, age brings wrinkles and saggy bits BUT, it also brings us the confidence not to give a toss about them!

Age certainly brings its fair share of sadness, ailments and tragedy BUT it makes us grab on to moments of joy with both hands.

Being older doesn’t mean you have to be old though, does it?
You can have big scores on the doors and still be young at heart!

I MUST say at this point that staying young is NOT the same as looking young.
In fact, I’m not at all interested in looking young.
I don’t give a toss whether people think I look younger or older than my age.
It’s irrelevant and doesn’treally affect how I feel about me anyway.

why its so important

4 Ways to Stay Young Forever!

1. Be grateful.

Having gratitude for what you do have is far better for you than wishing for things you don’t.

2. Don’t compare.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone.
Your life.
Your face.
Your figure.
Your family.
Your job.
Your bank account.

You are YOU.
Unique and brilliant.

{And don’t forget, “Perfect” people tend to be full of it anyway!}

3. Keep up!

It’s SO important to keep up with the times.
Whether that’s watching the latest movies, listening to new music, reading the latest books.
Keep up with current affairs.
Keep up with new technology.
Keep up with the latest fashion!

Keeping up with the times keeps you young.

4. Never stop being you.

Never ever stop doing what you love.
Never stop loving what you do.

You’re never too old for anything.
If it makes you feel good, do it!
Who cares if your the oldest person doing it?

Today’s outfit is a perfect example of me being me, and not thinking of myself as over 40… or a mum of 4… or too old to do anything!

I’m wearing clothes from Topshop and H&M… notoriously ‘young’ shops.
But guess what?
AM young 😃.

I’m still the same girl I was at 18.
Just a little longer in the tooth… not to mention wiser & more confident.
Being older has its benefits!

So, in the spirit of being young, I’m wearing my bold green fluffy jumper!
I love this cosy knit.
It’s a very ‘young’ shape with oversized sleeves and a slightly cropped boxy shape.

I’ve teamed it with a pair of jeans in a trendy cut… tapered, slim-legged and cropped!

Lurex socks and chunky leopard patterned Chelsea boots finish this outfit off nicely!

JEANS: Topshop
BAG: M&S… this one is cute!
SCARF: c/o Italy in Cashmere
BOOTS: c/o Lotus
SOCKS: I can’t remember… these are gorgeous!

Are you young at heart?
Or, do you worry about being too old for certain things?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.
I’d love to hear your opinion on this subject!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas break, whatever you were up to!

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