Wide Belt, Cropped Jacket and Skinny Jeans, over 40.

wide belt cropped jacket and skinny

After reading the AW16/17 trend reports (in the glossy magazines) I was excited to see the various styles of wide belts on offer.
I really like the look of a wide belt, and they are back in fashion again.
(Did they ever really go away?)

There are a wide range out there this coming season; Some corset-style, some with heavy duty hardwear, some multi-layered, some solid metal…I loved them all!

So, off I go on my can’t-afford-Prada-Balmain-or-Fendi belt search…
Surely some of the high street shops will have their own versions of this fab trend.


Did the buyers not go to fashion week?
Why aren’t they stocking up with their own versions of the on-trend accessories that we love to buy?

I don’t want a dodgy Prada copy, I want something cool in it’s own right.
Designer influenced, not designer rip off.

This got me thinking about how frustrating it must be for the designers to watch their work being blatantly (and sometimes shoddily) copied.
{I think Mango and H&M can be bad for this…or good, depending on your perspective.}

I’m not sure if it’s true but, someone once told me that only 5% of a design needs to be changed in order for it to be classed as a “new” design.
Disgusting really.

So, what can we (as consumers) do, if we want the designer ‘look’ but the real thing is not within our budgets?

Personally, I don’t have £500+ for a pair of shoes (or belt)… I have important things, like back-to-school uniforms, to buy!

And, I am never going to be that “save up and get one good item” type of person.
I get bored too easily.

Having said that, I certainly don’t want a cheap-looking designer knock-off either.

wide belt cropped jacket and skinny

The only thing we can do, as frugal fashion lovers, is to take the trends on board and try and recreate our own version.
We can use items we already own (styles recycle regularly) high-street, vintage and cheeky charity shop finds.

It can be lots of fun creating a unique look.

This outfit was inspired by those lovely wide belts, and silk camisoles.
Plus, my love of the high-waisted, skinny jean.

{I know they are supposed to be over, but my love for them will never die!}

I fell for these extra-long skinny jeans as soon as I saw them.
The ‘bunching at the ankles’ is a look I like, despite the fact that cuffing (and turn-ups) are big news… as well as uneven, torn and frayed hems.
They all look edgy and cool, and Fashion-forward, but I still love a skinny!!

wide belt cropped jacket and skinny

The camisole is a beautiful silk fabric, gorgeous against the skin.
Unfortunately, the Scottish summer has been a bit on the chilly side (apart from the odd day) and my thermal under-tops are staying at the front of my wardrobe!

This belt is an oldie.
It came in black, as well as this tan colour, and I wish I had bought both.
It is comfortable, and the tassels are a fun touch (they always come back in style).

The jacket is as old as the hills too, and I wear it to death!
{See it hereherehere and here}

It is my go-to jacket for times when I don’t know what to wear, and just seems to go with anything.

A chunky necklace, my nude sandals and the little red bag my son bought me, finished things off perfectly!

CAMISOLE: Unknown (this one is nice)
JEANS: F&F (similar)
SHOES: Clarks (these are cool , and half price!)
JACKET: Vintage Topshop…this one is nice, and will go with loads of different things.
BAG: A gift (similar, and almost half price)
BELT: Very old…this one is unusual.
NECKLACE: Charity shop

Do you have the budget for genuine designer items?
Do you save for the occasional splurge?
Or, do you like to try and recreate the look within the realms of a small budget?

Please let me know in the comments (or contact me), if you don’t mind sharing!
I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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