Wide Leg Trousers & Vintage finds.

wide leg trousers vintage finds

This is one of those outfits that is so comfortable (with the exception of the heels) that I felt like I was cheating getting dressed.
Am I really ready to go out? wide leg trousers vintage finds.
Or, am I just slouching around the house?

I could easily swap these heels for some gutties, for ultimate comfort, but I was heading out with a friend.
Being completely comfortable (and confident) in your outfit is the first step towards a great night!

wide leg trousers vintage finds

The whole look started with these aubergine satin trousers.
They have been on my ‘wish list’ since they hit the shop.
So beautiful.
So impractical.
Too expensive!
{£69 may seem quite cheap to some people, but I am an avid bargain hunter and don’t like paying more than I need to.}

I waited patiently for the inevitable money-off-code from the retailer.
I was hoping for a 20%!
Then, I was sent a “Please shop with us Mrs Blair!” £10 voucher.
Double discount?
Time to swoop…

wide leg trousers vintage finds

They were not a disappointment.
So wide.
So swishy.
So fabulous.

I love them!

The online model was wearing them with a black polo-neck, which looked very chic but a little too boring for my liking.

What goes more beautifully with aubergine than a splash of vivid orange?
Not much, in my book!
This bright (almost neon) camisole was just the ticket.

My green vintage scarf was the perfect carefree cover up.

This was such a lucky charity shop find.

Years ago, I was rummaging through one of those grotty “Everything for a £1” bins.
Normally they are full of hideous homemade scarves (not quite long enough to be any use) and cheap and nasty bits and bobs that are not really worth selling and should have been shredded for recycling.
This one was no exception, but I always like to have a look because you never know what could be lurking.
So, deeper and deeper I dug through the junk…
I was almost at the bottom when I found (stuffed into a small plastic bag) this beautiful velvet devoré scarf.

It is a huge square, with a knotted fringed edge.
Soft and supple, with a beautiful drape.

Granted, it smelt a bit foosty, and was crushed to bits, but I checked for holes and saw potential.
One long soak in biological detergent (and two good washes) and it was as good as new.
Not even a thread missing.

Nothing gives as much (shopping) joy as saving something beautiful from the bin.

{I changed the contrast here so you could see the rich detail.}

Today, I have worn my beautiful scarf folded in half, like a shawl.
It is warm, but lightweight, and drapes elegantly… slipping seductively off the shoulders if required!

So, with my new aubergine trousers, orange camisole and green shawl, my outfit was complete.
A neutral clutch, green velour heels, a chunky bangle and large geometric earrings finished things off nicely.

Please share any wish-list items you have your eye on this season?

I would love to have a peep at what you are planning!

Or, please tell me about any Charity/Thrift “scores” you are proud of?

I love hearing from you!

TOP: George (similar)
SHOE: c/o E5P…These are stunning (High end)…similar (cheaper version)
SHAWL: Vintage… I could not find anything similar online. This one is nice though.
BANGLE: Old. This one is gorgeous!
EARRINGS: Anise (these are nice)
BAG: Old as the hills…similar.

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Here are a few shots of me messing about with the raindrops on the trees.
Simple things make me smile!

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