7 Simple Tips to Look More Stylish

7 simple tips to look

Today I’m taking one plain and neutral (dare I say, boring?!) outfit that could be considered to be a bit on the frumpy side.

A simple outfit consisting of everyday items that most of us already own.

I’m going to wear the same outfit two different ways.
One outfit okay, but nothing to write home about.
One a little less ‘Meh..’ and a little more ‘Me’!

I’ve deliberately chosen items that could be accused of having a frumpy reputation.
Items that are neither in fashion nor on trend.

Clothes that are so far away from edgy they’re land-locked!

7 simple tips to look

Today’s outfit consists of…

1. Skinny Blue Jeans.

I know lots of us still love our skinny jeans but the fash-pack tell us they’re dated and tired.
Whether you agree or not, new denim shapes are everywhere and skinnies are no longer en-vogue.
Skinnies are on the verge of being frumpy.
Shock horror!!
(I still love them anyway)

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2. Round Neck Cardigan.

Nothing says old-maid or frump-fest like a round neck button up cardigan.
Yes, they’re warm but most definitely not going to wow the fashionistas.
If a cardigan can be made to look cute then anything can!
(I LOVE a cardigan and wear one almost every day)

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3. A Plain Shirt or Button Down.

Touted as a classic BUT in danger of boring us to tears, plain button-up shirts are often dull as dishwater.
The classic shirt doesn’t get my fashion juices flowing, that’s for sure!
This blue one is okay(ish) with its scallop detail but it’s hardly wowing us, is it?

I’ve also stuck to a neutral and pared back palette for all of these items.
Which was VERY hard, I can tell you!

Of course, I couldn’t resist a cute little bootie.
(I had to have something of me in there.)

This neutral outfit may not be setting the fashion world ablaze but it has very little wrong with it.
All it needs are a few tweaks to inject personality and fun!

7 simple tips to look

7 Simple Tricks to Look More Stylish

1. Avoid Helmet Hair and Heavy Makeup.

Helmet hair is that over-done hairdo that has seen too many heated devices and styling products.
(You know the ones I mean!)
Probably finished with half a can of hairspray.

Helmet hair doesn’t make us look younger or trendier… in fact, it makes us look older and frumpier.

Let your hair do a little bit of it’s own thing.
Movement is sexy.
Shine is sexy.
A dusty and crusty over-dyed, over processed backcombed bob isn’t!

Ditto heavy makeup.
You can’t paper over the cracks people!
The (old) tutorial below (by Lisa Eldridge) is foolproof and the model looks so natural and fabulous.

This post by Deborah at Fabulous after 40 sums up perfectly some of the reasons you could be looking frumpy.

It’s a great post, please check it out if you’ve not seen it already.

2. Ditch Delicate Jewellery Sets.

Jewellery suites or fine sets are pretty but they’re very old fashioned and can make a perfectly trendy outfit seem dated and frumpy.
Try some bolder costume pieces and a little mixing and matching to create a unique look that reflects your personality.

6 ways to add femininity… including this shirt and some bold jewellery ideas!

3. Start Cuffing your Trousers and Jeans.

It’s such a simple trick but cuffing trouser hems is so often forgotten.
Cuffing your jeans or trousers lengthens the leg and just looks cooler, especially with a flat shoe (like a brogue) or ankle boot.
In fact, all shoes look better with a cuff!
Flashing a little bare skin is super-chic but if it’s too cold for that nonsense add a colourful sock and just have fun with it.
That’s what fashion’s all about after all.

4. Push up your Sleeves!

How easy is that?
Pushing up your sleeves slims the body by highlighting the wrists.
Flashing a little forearm flesh also slims the waist and adds curves to the body.
Don’t ask me why but it works!

5. Tuck in.

Whether it’s a full tuck, a front tuck, a half tuck or even a micro tuck… any level of tucking will work to give your body shape.
Tucking lengthens the leg, curves the hip and slims the waist.

Having a top or shirt hanging out doesn’t really hide your belly, it just draws attention to that area and makes you look like you have a belly to hide.

To tuck or not to tuck… that is the question!?

6. Do SOMETHING with your scarf.

If you love scarves as much as me then you’ll know they look so good when you do something with them.
Anything is better than leaving your scarf hanging limply.
Experiment with different knots, bows, folds, tucks and positions.
It’s fun to do and adds personality to your outfit.
I’ve tied mine like a gent’s tie here.
So easy.

7. Add a little Colour.

For me, colour is always the answer, but even if you’re not into your bolds and brights adding some kind of contrast will look good.
I’ve added a touch of yellow using my (much needed) socks and nail polish but any little touches help.
Simply find somewhere to sneak in a shot of your favourite hues and see your outfit come to life.

JEANS: Topshop
BOOTS: Clarks
BAG: Bon Marche
SHIRT: Redoute
SCARF: A gift from a good friend
SOCKS: Burlington
BELT: Boden

Do you have any simple tips when it comes to ditching the frump and making your outfits feel more stylish?
I’d love to hear them!

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