Winter white Wearing all white outfit in Fall.

All-white outfits are so impractical, aren’t they?
Especially in the Autumn, and worse, Winter.
With all of that (Scottish) rain, and mud, and dirty slush at the sides of the road. Yuck!
Sleek and chic to grubby mess, in the blink of an eye.

Winter whites: The whole idea seems ridiculous, thought up by people living in a fantasy world of red carpets and taxi rides.
Absolutely no good for for real life.

Common sense and my pragmatic side makes me want to back away from the Winter Whites trend, BUT… I just love the look of it and I really want to make it work for me.

The Challenge is:
Can I make it work in my very real, and very messy, life?

I have to admit to being the ultimate dirt magnet.
If there is a cup of tea to spill, I will spill it.
Over-vigorous stirring of the dinner ALWAYS misses my apron and slitters (a good Scottish word!) on my clothes.
The Scottish weather, being a non-driver (I walk, cycle, bus or train, a lot), a house full of children and a muddy dog….are all conspiring against my sleek all-white image and an immaculate outfit!
{BTW, I’m case you were wondering…I am never sleek or immaculate…the very idea makes me laugh}
What I am trying to say here is, that if I can wear white and stay looking clean, then anyone can!
This all-white challenge did get me thinking;
Is it really that much worse to have a coffee spill down the front of an all white outfit than it is down the front of a beige and brown or grey and black one?
I don’t think so!

So with that thought I decided to give it a go.

(I must tell you, at this point, that I took these photographs at the end of July…hence my copper hair. However, I have worn this dress successfully {without slitters} on two further occasions. One of which is on my Instagram… HERE…. AND involved a ‘saucy’ lunch and coffee)

winter white wearing all white
winter white wearing all white
winter white wearing all white

I started with my cream and blue floral geek shoes, last seen with a chambray playsuit.
They are very comfortable and so pretty.
I look down at my feet and they make me smile.

These beautiful tights, by Falke, are so feminine and ridiculously girly!
I know that cream tights are a bit of a fashion no-no but these are just too nice to obey any hosiery rules.
They have little flower buds all over them and are perfect on a skinny leg like mine.
Patterns tend to make the leg look more shapely and pale colours thicken it up a bit too… great news for me.

My knitted dress is going to be getting worn a lot this winter (over various coloured tights).
I wore it with green tights, very recently.
You can see a peep on Instagram (HERE)
The chunky cardigan (last seen at the museum) was a must, it was windy and pretty cold (more of an Autumnal feel to the weather, even then).

I decided to cut out the accessories (apart from earrings) and let the pattern on the front of the dress do the talking.
However, I did think that it needed a little extra ‘something’… my silver satin obi sprang to mind. Perfect!
My white bag was a quick grab, dashing out of the door.
It was last seen with orange tights.

Are you brave enough to wear all-white (or cream) in real life?
What about coloured and patterned tights?
Please let me know in the comments…I love to hear your thoughts.


DRESS: Asos (similar one with a lace up front)
EARRINGS: New look (similar here)
TIGHTS: Falke (similar, bridal ones)
CARDIGAN: Asos (similar chunky one)
OBI: Ebay (Handmade, similar here)

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