Autumn layers Spots and Denim with a Plaid Cape.

I love Autumnal hues, and when I found this Tartan (plaid) Cape I could not resist popping it in my basket!
I knew it would be perfect with denim.
But, I have to admit to being totally uninspired by the “Skinny jeans, Shirt and a Cape” look that is everywhere…it’s almost like you cant wear one of these capes without popping on a pair of skinnies.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE skinny jeans (and trousers) but sometimes it is nice to break the mould a little.

I thought that my denim shirt would be all the denim I needed, so I paired it with this mini skirt..shiny and spotty, the perfect contrast to denim!

My burgundy jumper seemed the obvious choice as it picked out the colour in the cape… in fact this cape is capable of pulling a multitude of autumn shades together!
I recently wore it with green, petrol and cream, see a peek here on Instagram.
I definitely think it will be in my bag on many occasions as an emergency cover-up.

I don’t mind admitting to being a little bit in love with these boots.
I just know they are going to be my go-to shoe this Autumn.

See my go-to summer shoe Here, here and here.

They seem to go with everything and are super comfortable.
I have already worn them a lot, in daily life, and featured them on my blog with a floral dress.

A shoulder bag (or cross body bag) does not sit well with a cape or poncho so my grab bag was a perfect finishing touch.
Is nothing safe from the addition of a Pompom??

I last wore it for work with a mini.
And HERE with multiple layers….minus the pom poms!

autumn layers spots and denim
autumn layers spots and denim
autumn layers spots and denim

Now, can we please go back to this dotty skirt for a moment?

It is a lovely skirt, however, I had a small mishap (wardrobe malfunction) at work involving the skirt twirling round, bunching up and flashing most of my rear!

Luckily it was during my break so I was wearing my cape, which covered my embarrassment (and saved my blushes) until I repositioned myself.
The repositioning process was no mean feat and involved a lot of wriggling and yanking of fabric.

I really can’t be bothered with an outfit that requires constant checking and readjustment, or worse, emergency treatment!
So, I am thinking that a stitch at each side is in order…to make it fit a little neater on the waist?
I hope this stops it’s need to travel around my body.

Do you ever have problems with a twirling, twisting or bunching skirt?
Do you regularly alter and adjust your clothes to fit?

Please share any tips you have, I would love to hear them!


furry pompoms and a plaid cape.
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Skirt: Boden (from ebay)
Jumper: French connection (I like this one)
Shirt: Boden (I like this one)
Bag: Hidesign (last seen HERE)
Cape: ASOS (I love this one!)
Boots: Redoute (they are selling at 70% off now…Booo for me, Yay for you!)
Tights: Gipsy 100

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