Bright Colours in Winter | Cobalt, Red and Sky Blue.

bright colours in winter cobalt red and Sky Blue

Another chilly day calls for another colourful winter outfit!

Nothing beats the Winter Blues like a punch of colour.
Nothing cheers me up faster than wearing my favourite colours.
Colour has the power to lift us up or drag us down.
It is our choice.

When it comes to colours, I have to admit to having a few favourites.
And the favourite of the day all depends on my mood.
Sometimes, muted tones of grey or cream.
On other days, bright pink or neon yellow.
But, cobalt blue and red are very often in pole position.
And, together they have me grinning from ear to ear!

It started with a lipstick

This colourful look started out with a lipstick.

My new blogging friend Ann (at surprised me by sending a fabulous red lipstick for my birthday.
{It turns out we are both February babies!}
She is very well known for her vibrant red lips and luckily she wanted to send some colour over to Scotland.
As I am sure you agree, a thoughtful surprise is the best kind of present.
I was touched.

This bold red lip needed something equally bold (and red) to play with, so I chose to wear this red silk skirt.
It is a vintage party skirt, from the 80’s I think, and is so well made.
The fabric is raw silk, with a mock wrap front.

t feels like “real” clothes

It fits like clothes used to, do you know what I mean?
Back in time, before everything went either: too big and shapeless, or too stretchy.
It has real structure.
I feel properly ‘dressed’ in it.
{This is opposite to the feeling I get from wearing one of my sloppy jumpsuits}

Although it is supposed to be an evening/party skirt, I thought it would be fun to team it with this pale blue polo neck.
Styling it for daytime.
{I styled another evening skirt, during the day, here}

More blue please!

After wearing the pantone colours of the year…here, I decided to get more soft blue into my wardrobe.
This polo neck is a great addition.
A classic and versatile item.
I can see it being very busy, in my wardrobe, moving into spring.
{Hurry up Spring, I am freezing!!}

I needed a warm coat that was not too heavy or bulky.
My bright blue coat was the perfect choice.
{See it styled here with a clash of pinks}
It tones nicely with the pale blue, and contrasts (in a satisfying way) with the red of the skirt.

Colour play

This red skirt seems to take on colour from whatever it is teamed with.
The silk appears to pick out the cool tones of the blues, and give the skirt a pink-ish sheen at some angles.
Certain fabric types can be influenced by pairing with different colours.
Colour is a powerful thing!

This necklace was a last minute addition (thanks to a dear friend who gave it to me, for my birthday) and it pulled the colours together well.

bright colours in winter cobalt red and Sky Blue

Let’s talk tights…

Legwear choices can be really difficult for me.
I love my tights!
But, there are so many beautiful types of hosiery, that I sometimes feel spoiled for choice.
The wrong tights can ruin the feel of an outfit.
Bad tights can ruin the look of the leg.
Don’t get me started on barely blacks (shudder).
{See my post about tights here}
Legwear is so important.
Black opaques were a non-starter.
Navy would have been too dull, nice but just too plain.
Red too “dress up”.
Cobalt too matchy matchy.
This navy tartan pair were perfect!
Fun but still grownup (okay, grownup…ish).

bright colours in winter cobalt red and Sky Blue

Shoe love

I simply had to wear my fab patent brogues (given to me as a Christmas gift… see the original post here).
They are slightly more masculine than my other brogues and oxfords, and this really helped to bring the red silk skirt back down to earth.
Shoes have the ability to transform the feel of an outfit.
That is why I love them so much!
{Imagine this outfit with these pumps, or these boots….totally different}

What are your favourite colours or colour combinations?
Do you wear them or just admire them?

Do you have your favourites but choose to wear a more muted colour palette?

Or, do you go bold and bright?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Or, if you prefer…message me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
I love hearing from you!

Necklace: A gift….this one is nothing like it, but gorgeous!
Shoes: Marc Jacobs …these are similar. These are red patent!
Tights: Pretty Polly
Skirt: Vintage (similar)
Coat: Vintage (similar)
Top: Urban Outfitters (similar)
Belt: Boden (similar)
Gloves: Dents
Lipstick:Wet and Wild

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