Pyjamas as Daywear, over 40, without looking silly?

can we really wear pyjamas as daywear

Pyjama-style trousers as daywear? can we really wear pyjamas as daywear
Can anyone really look good in them?

I have to admit to secretly loving these pyjama-style trousers.
They are obviously VERY comfortable.
{That goes without saying, though, doesn’t it!}
With comfort comes that relaxed feeling which is reflected in my mood.
Fidgeting with uncomfortable clothing is never a good look.

This pair of pyjama-style trousers have a luxe feel and a nice drape.
The design has an almost denim-like base colour, with a high gloss shine.
They are undeniably fun!
BUT, can we really get away with it, over 40?

You know my answer to this one….Of course we can!

If you love your slouchy PJ trousers (or anything else for that matter) and you feel good in them, then go for it!

If you are a bit nervous about looking like you couldn’t be bothered to get dressed…

  • Forget about teaming your slouchy pyjama trousers with slouchy tops. Leave the sweatshirt for another day.
  • Pull them down a little, onto your hips. Honestly, it works a treat!
  • Stick to luxe fabrics with a decent weight.
  • Try wearing a high heeled bootie or (for evening) a dressy heeled sandal.
  • Keep the lines of your top simple. Now is not the time for ruffles, bows or pleats.
  • Add a “grown-up” bag in a neutral tone.
  • Don’t wear them with ballerinas…it just looks wrong.

Of course, I could have worn a high heeled bootie, plain bag, and a neutral top with these trousers.
Aiming for more of a glamorous and grown-up look.
BUT, I was all about comfort and colour today….and fun!

can we really wear pyjamas as daywear

Personally, I would not be comfortable wearing the full pyjama-style look.
No matter how stylish it is supposed to be, it does not work for me.
However, pyjama-style trousers with a more fitted top (and some casual footwear) is a look I can get into, very easily.

can we really wear pyjamas as daywear

I kept the rest of this outfit simple.
Teaming this patterned pair with a plain, but colourful, cashmere jumper and suede trainers.
This long blue pendant finished things off nicely!

I know pom poms are on their way out but, I could not resist adding this colourful duo to my bag!
{Not very grown-up at all}

Bag: Urban Country
Trousers: Topshop (these are nice)
Trainers: Nike
Necklace: A Gift

Have you been tempted by the pyjama trend?
Or is that one look you are leaving well alone?

Please let me know in the comments.
Or if you prefer, tweet me @samantha4blair

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