Bright Yellow & Grey | When You Have to Have it!

bright yellow grey when you have to have it

As someone who buys 80% of her clothes from charity shops, or on super-discount sale, it is a rare thing to be tempted by a full-price item.
Especially when I understand the HUGE margins, markups and just how much of a rip-off new clothes can be.
Sometimes something catches my eye and I can’t walk away.
Something that makes me go back to the shop….twice.
Something that I know will slot perfectly into my wardrobe.

Hello yellow trousers!

bright yellow grey when you have to have it

(Please excuse my hair in these shots. It was SO windy, and I had bits flying around everywhere!)

I know that bright yellow trousers are not everyone’s cup of tea, and I realise that if I wait a while these bright yellow trousers will probably end up in the sale rale for a fraction of the price-tag… BUT what if my size sells out?
What if these bright yellow beauties slip through my fingers?
Sometimes we have to strike while the iron is hot!

As I was trying these trousers on I could imagine them going with just about everything in my wardrobe.
Whether it’s a neutral, or another bold shade…. Ooh the possibilities!
AND they are perfect for any season.
Sandals, heels, trainers or boots will work beautifully.
To top things off, they are perfect for all occasions… work, weekends or even a casual night out.
A must have!

bright yellow grey when you have to have it

Yellow is the perfect partner for so many colours, but today I wanted to stick to an old classic…

Grey is a subtle neutral that grounds the boldness of the yellow and gives the outfit a smarter feel.
Maybe even suitable for work?

{See some other work outfit ideas HERE}

My much-loved buckle sandals and a patent belt were all this outfit needed (I am wearing long earrings, but you can’t really see them) plus a pale grey bag to carry all of the bits and bobs I needed for the day.

Grey is such a great shade that can make any bold colour seem more wearable.
It is not a colour I often wear head-to-toe (although it can look super-chic) but it is a great partner for more ‘difficult’ colours, or patterns… like bright yellow!

Yellow is one of my favourite colours… although I think I say that about every colour 😊.
I can’t pick a favourite really!

Maybe my favourite depends on my mood?
Or the time of year?

Do you have a different ‘favourite’ colour at different times?
What was your latest “Must Buy”?
Please share in the comments… or email me (samantha44blair(at)gmail(dot)com)… I love hearing from you!

SHOES: All Saints…similar
BAG: Bonmarché c/o
BELT: Boden (old).

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