Wearing Shorts in Winter | Androgynous style.

wearing shorts in winter androgynous

I had every intention of photographing the outfit I am wearing as I type this…a feminine mixture of red and baby blue.
Unfortunately, the rain outside is so ferocious that photography is impossible, and the texture of my skirt really needs natural light.
I hope to share it with you soon.

Anyway, after my shaky 4th attempt to wear my culottes I thought I would show you an outfit I am happy and confident in wearing….

Masculine-style tailored shorts

This may seem confusing.If I struggle to wear feminine culottes, how on earth can I be comfortable in shorts?!
Surely they must be harder to wear?
Much harder to style, especially over 40!

Well, for some inexplicable reason, these shorts make me much happier than culottes ever could.
I have tried to analyse the reasons behind it, but I am stumped.

If you have any ideas please let me know!

With this look I wanted to play up my (slightly) androgynous side.
Choosing to wear a chambray shirt, and a knitted waistcoat, casually thrown on over this pair of tailored shorts.
Comfort, quality and cool androgyny were the order of the day.

Of course, we women do struggle to look “masculine”, even in more male-style clothing.
Even with short hair and a not particularly rounded figure.
All it takes is a tiny nod to our feminine side in order to make a masculine look ‘girly’ again.

The glimmer of femininity in this look was my chunky necklace (this could be my new favourite).

wearing shorts in winter androgynous

I initially started the whole look with this chambray shirt, wanting to wear it buttoned up to the neck, but un-tucked and really casual.
I could have worn some slim jeans, and gone for the double denim look, but I really wanted to wear these tailored shorts.
They are so masculine in style.
The Prince of Wales check adds to the manly vibe.
I love the fabric of these shorts…they add such a nice structure to my body.
And, they have pockets.
I do love a good pocket!

I needed to wear opaque tights as it was cold…not to mention my legs being almost 42 years old, and blue!
Black opaque tights would have been too harsh, but these grey ones were perfect.
Such a nice warm grey tone which picks out some of the colour in the shorts.

I was glad to get my cut-out boots on my feet again (they were my hero shoe of the autumn).
Still a masculine feel, but adding some colour and shine to my look.

wearing shorts in winter androgynous

My knitted waistcoat was the perfect cover up.
Adding even more of a “borrowed from the boys” vibe.

And, the sun came out!
Winter sun is the best (in my opinion) it has a unique quality, low and glowing.
So nice to have a break from the rain….although it is back with a vengeance today!

Do you ever like to dress with a masculine twist?
Or, borrow clothes from the man/men in your life?

Please let me know in the comments….I love to hear your thoughts!

Or, if your prefer, tweet me @samantha4blair.

Shirt: Urban outfitters (this one is beautiful)
Shorts: Joseph (from Ebay) these ones are suited to a longer waisted figure (and on sale).
Waistcoat: White company (this one is so nice, I want the whole look!)
Necklace: Charity shop (This one is a stunner!)
Boots: Redoute (these ones are similar)
Bag: Urban country

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