How to wear coloured tights | Vintage pencil skirt & Cropped top.

Styling a Vintage pencil skirt with coloured tights and a cropped top. how to wear coloured tights vintage

Vintage style, over 40.

Coloured tights are perfect for transitioning your wardrobe from Summer into Autumn (and on to Winter…groan) and anyone who has read my previous posts will know about my love of hosiery:

  • Sometimes subtle: Ink Blue, Brown and Black
  • Sometimes not so subtle: Orange, Pink, Lace, Spots and Cream floral!

So, I am not ashamed to admit to being genuinely delighted when UKtights gifted me these fabulous tights by Fogal.
UKtights just happen to be the company I would normally use to buy my tights (see my previous posts) so I was thrilled to bits.
And these colourful, purple ones are Right up my street!

how to wear coloured tights vintage

They are a superb quality knit, feel great on the leg, and went perfectly {little jump for joy} with this gorgeous vintage pencil skirt I had recently found on one of my charity shop trawls.
It is a beautiful wool fabric and a cute houndstooth pattern (in black, pink and purple) how could I resist?

I decided that it was the perfect partner for my cropped jumper…the pink and black plus the houndstooth was a match made in heaven, in my book!

I popped a slim-fit polo neck underneath, to protect my modestly and to stop the wool tickling me.
But, to be honest, the skirt is so well fitted at the waist (and a high enough cut) that only the most toned part of my midriff would be exposed, all stretch marks were well hidden.
I do get cold though and a draft up my jumper is not what I want!

My sleeveless duster / waistcoat seemed the perfect transitional cover up…not too chunky, just enough coverage for a cool and breezy day.

how to wear coloured tights vintage
how to wear coloured tights vintage

Calf length boots are going to be big this Autumn/Winter, and I had almost forgotten I owned these beautiful leather ones.
I bought them over 10 years ago, from ebay because they were almost identical to a pair Chanel were doing at the time, except with a bargainista’s £20 price tag!
They are a half size too big, but this means they are perfect for adding a contrasting sock to my outfit.
This is a favourite look of mine.
I love to layer from head to toe.
I think it stems from having such narrow legs and never being able to find boots that fit.
I usually resort to ‘padding out’ the space between the boot and my leg with either chunky socks or leg-warmers!

I could not resist adding another pattern into the mix with my baby cord floral bag.
Are three different patterns in one outfit too much? I really don’t think so!

My wool trilby finished things off nicely.
I am a gent’s XL so this was from a ‘proper’ hat shop and is such a pleasure to wear.

This fun outfit made me feel very feminine and a little bit sexy.
Was it the wiggle of the pencil skirt, the jaunty angle of my hat or my fabulous new tights?
Who knows? I just felt good!

Do you have any vintage items that could do with a POP of colour?
Would you wear coloured tights?
How bright would YOU go??

Please let me know, I love to read your comments.


Tights: c/o Fogal 30 denier (from the lovely people at Uk Tights)
Wool Skirt: Vintage (I like this one)
Boots: Ebay (I like these)
Jumper: Illustrated people (I like this cropped one from topshop)
Hat: Christys (I love this one!)
Sleeveless jacket: French Connection (Similar)
Bag: Tk Maxx

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