Getting excited about new trends?

The Fall / Autumn ‘drops’ are hitting the shops.

What should I invest in? What can I re-work?
All of the (fashion related) things I love about Autumn are arriving just now..the rich colours, the great fabrics, the opulent textures.

I do get a little excited about it all!

I devour the glossy magazines at this time of year, trying to figure out what I already have that could be re-styled with maybe a few well chosen new pieces.

As usual, a lot of the new trends are familiar old trends to someone in their 40’s…we have seen and done most of it before by now, sometimes more than once!

We know what we like and we know what we should be avoiding…but perhaps not always listening to that advice, fashion is meant to be fun after all!

Things I love about AW15 trends:

  • Polo necks layered under everything are having a moment. I have many and have always worn them regardless of whether they were in fashion or not…it is literally a heat generating thing for me. I will, at last, be on-trend!
  • Layering.This made me happy because I layer anyway, in all seasons.
  • Lavish faux Fur is back. I know it never really goes away but I’m still glad to see it officially return.
  • Clashing wallpaper style patterns. I love this look.
  • Mid-calf boots. Perfect for my skinny legs.
  • Mary-Janes. Just adorable!
  • Duvet coats, not very flattering but sooo cosy and practical..sign me up!
  • Lavishly textured fabrics, metallics, tweed, velvet, corduroy…they always come back eventually and I love them!

BUT, not everything ‘new’ is floating my boat…

Things I will pass on, and leave to the true fashionistas (or just those without a job in a busy lab, 4 children, a dog and a house to clean):

  • Big cuffs, just so impractical for (my) real life… all that trailing, dipping and dangling? No thank you!
  • The 80’s style evening wear. Sorry, I just don’t like this style on me. I feel like I looks as if I have hung on to it since the 80’s, and not in a cool, ironic, vintage type way either.
  • The very prim “debutant” styles. Lets be honest…I look like an old frump!

My new accessory crush is small and furry and lots of fun! 

getting excited about new trends

Big, faux fur pom poms… how I love a furry pom pom!
They are so silly and whimsical and totally pointless BUT I can’t help but smile when I see them.
They are so cute and irresistible, so I bought 3!

Today, I attached them to a small silver barrel bag, apparently small silver cross-body bags are going to be on-trend this Autumn/Winter too, excellent!

These small bags are not very practical BUT they stop me lugging a ton of unnecessary rubbish around.
I am forcibly streamlined into a phone, coin purse, hand cream and lip balm… and my back thanks me for it

getting excited about new trends

I decided to wear this structured Scuba top…that actually belonged to my step daughter, until she was having a clear out. and I snapped it up!
It has a great textured pattern on it and a lovely shape, but was screaming out for a burgundy polo neck underneath….these sleeves are too short for my long arms (a common problem for me, look out for my D.I.Y wrist warmers in colder months to come) so, I needed an extra layer to stop the spider-monkey look.

These holographic shoes have been ‘borrowed” by my middle girl. I was happy for her to wear then as she loves them to bits, but I borrowed them back today!
They add a shiny POP to this dark outfit and have the added bonus of being waterproof….the rain drops just sit on them and look pretty.

getting excited about new trends

Black skinny jeans were the only thing that really worked with this look.
I had lots to do and no time to be faffing about.
Black jeans just seem to deliver, when nothing else can cut it.

The heavens opened…
Rain rain go away….come back when I’m going to be at work all day!

Are you lusting after any totally useless and silly fashion items?
Please share in the comments!

Scuba top: Zara
Polo neck: Redoute
Jeans: Topshop (Jamie)
Shoes: Office
Umbrella: Esprit
Bag: Topshop
PomPoms: Newlook

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