Denim and Khaki Bareish Legs when it’s Cold.

denim and khaki bareish

What can you do if it’s a bit chilly outside but you really want to get get your legs out and get into the spirit of spring? Denim and Khaki Bareish Legs when it’s Cold
How can you do it without freezing to death?
Fake it, of course!

denim and khaki bareish

The weather here is what I would call “Fresh” or “A bit blowy”… typical Scottish spring weather.
Sunny but windy.
About 10-12 degrees.
Certainly NOT the weather for bare skin!
{You could lose a toe (or two) in an open sandal 😝.}

denim and khaki bareish

So today I am using all of the cheats up my (thermal) sleeve to keep me cosy.
One of the most important being the sheepskin liners in my shoes.

This canvas shoe (and cute little sock) is hiding a roasty-toasty secret.
The outside says “Spring” the inside says “Don’t worry, your toes are safe!”.
Warm feet make a HUGE difference.

My legs are totally bare here (apart from a slather of body lotion) but because of my warm feet (and torso) I felt surprisingly cosy.
Under this denim dress is a selection of thermal undies too!
Cosy shorties and a camisole.
Then a long-sleeved thermal layer.
The denim dress works well to hide my secrets… and even the belt serves a purpose.
Keeping those drafts at bay and my layers in place.
Pop on a wool cardigan and I’m done.
Comfy, cosy and ready for a day of running around.

Can you handle the cold, or do you like to be cosy too?
Do you have the opposite problem and need to use tricks to cool down?
Please share in the comments… I always love hearing from you!

SHOES: Superga
SOCKS: Kiddies section at H&M…similar.
SHEEPSKIN LINERS: eBay….similar.
JACKET: Zara… similar.
DRESS: M&S… similar
BAG: Topshop… this one is nice.
SCARF: A gift….similar.

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