Stop Hiding Behind your Clothes… It Doesn’t Work!

stop hiding behind your clothes

Good grief people, there are LOADS (and I mean oodles and oodles) of articles, vlogs, blog posts and features dishing out advice on what to wear, aren’t they?

  • How to look slimmer.
  • How to hide your thighs.
  • How to cover your belly.
  • How to look taller.

{I’ve even had my tuppence worth with “How to Hide a Bloated Belly” }

How depressing.

stop hiding behind your clothes

I must admit that some of the advice is brilliant… and really works.

“Use a chunky necklace/earrings to distract the eye up towards your face and away from your tummy”…. (me 😀)

At the end of the day, once the initial impression has been made, no amount of ‘clever’ dressing or smart accessorising can really change your body.

Hiding away your body in an all-black baggy ensemble does NOT make you look slimmer/taller… whatever.

Let me explain and share a story with you…

I have this beautiful friend.

(Think a kick-ass, funny version of Snow White)

I gave said friend a pair of purple flowery leggings, to wear at the gym.
She loves purple.
She often talks about wanting to get into more colour.
She likes feminine styles (like florals).
I was definitely on to a winner.

Or, so I thought.

The leggings were promptly handed back.

“Oh no! Do they not fit?” 

“No no, they fit really well.” 

“Oh, right…Do you not like them? 

(I was sure she would!)

“No, I love them ….. it’s just … there a bit too much. I don’t think I’m ready for full-length purple florals”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“Well, that floral pattern all over my thighs makes them look bigger.”


I, at this point (in my usual non-diplomatic blurting kind of way) said the following….

“Your thighs are your thighs regardless of whether they are in (boring) black leggings or (fabulous) floral patterned ones”

{Plus, they are amazingly strong! You should see this woman squat.}

“The black leggings don’t hide them, or make them look slimmer, they just stop YOU looking at them.”

“In the florals, it’s only you that is fixating on your thighs… noticing them more.”
“No one else is doing this.”

“No one else gives a toss about your leggings or your thighs.”
“And besides, no one spends their time staring at your thighs, apart from you… and your husband… and he’s certainly not thinking anything other than how lucky he is!”

“Everyone else is either looking at your face (to talk to you) or possibly admiring your tiny waist, how strong you are and what great shape you are in.”

“These floral leggings will look fabulous on you.”
“Give them a chance.”
“Give yourself a chance.”

“Give your thighs a break… they do an amazing job.”

{BTW…The leggings were handed back and have subsequently been worn many times… and look great!}

stop hiding behind your clothes

Clothes can NOT change your body.

You do not look slimmer/taller/more petite in certain clothes.

Of course, some items are more flattering than others, and you can certainly give an initial illusion, or momentarily distract the eye.
But you can’t really hide who you are.

{At this point I must say that badly fitting clothes look terrible and can cause lumps, bumps and serious ugly ooze…. but this happens at ANY size.}

For example, if you have short legs heels do look great, but they don’t make your legs look longer.
They just look like your legs in lovely heels… and there is nothing wrong with that!

Your thighs are the same size in black as they are in that bright floral pattern.
And which is more fun to wear?

If you’re plus-sized don’t hide away…why not wear that mega-watt colour you love?
What’s stopping you?

Do it.
Life is too short to be waiting around until you’ve “Lost the weight” or whatever else is holding you back.

Enjoy your clothes… don’t hide behind them.

{Check out my side bar “Blogroll” for some colourful (and not so colourful) style inspiration from women of ALL sizes!}

Last week the lovely Bettye caught my eye with her brilliant post.
{See it HERE}
She is certainly NOT hiding behind her clothes, and why should she?

In her own words…

“I spent many years thinking…I’m too fat, I’m too old, I don’t have any sense of style, boo hoo hoo. But finally I just decided to do it anyway. To make the effort to dress better anyway. Even If I was fat and old and bleh. And you know what? I feel so much better now. I look better. I’m still fat and old, ha ha. But…it’s better. And if *I* can do it, anyone can.”

If that doesn’t inspire, I don’t know what will!

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