Does Loving Shoes Make Me Shallow? #fakeituntilyoumakeit

does loving shoes make me shallow

It may come as no surprise to you when I say that I LOVE shoes!
I’m not going to try and deny it.
I’m certainly not ashamed of it.

I could look at shoes all day long.
I could talk about them for hours.

BUT… does the fact I love to talk about shoes (and clothes) make me stupid?

Many people (usually those who don’t really ‘get’ fashion) think clothes, shoes and fashion fripperies are utterly pointless.

Bloggers are narcissistic oddballs.
Fashion lovers are as deep as a puddle.
Women (and men) who like to wear makeup are fake, airheads and bimbos.

The misogynists of the world (not all of whom are men!!) assume these fashion-loving people to be idiots, shallow and stupid.

However, we all know that us lovers of fashion are anything but “shallow and stupid”.
Look …we can read and write for a start… not just apply the perfect cut-crease eyeshadow! 😝

{Disclaimer: I can’t apply the perfect cut-crease shadow!}

We may like to feel fashionable.
We may want to express our individuality.
We may even strive to be seen as attractive.

BUT, just becauseI love clothes, shoes and makeup does not make me an idiot.

I very rarely blow my ‘educated woman’ trumpet (there’s nothing as boring as someone banging on about their work/education) but I am educated.
I’m a scientist.
I find maths interesting.
I love reading about astronomy.

But more than that…
I run a home and have raised 4 children.
That takes a whole host of skills.
Much more complicated than any paid job!

As well as loving science and being a mum… I like pretty things too!
I like reading about them.
I like looking at pictures of them.
I like writing about them!

And, if one of these pretty things can fit on my foot then you won’t be able to hold me back!
Gorgeous shoes make me go a little crazy.

Whatever people may think of us, we all have other interests.
Some of us have amazing skills.
Some of us are seriously talented.

So the moral of this story is…

Never assume anything about anyone.
People are smart.
People are surprising.
People are amazing!!

And just because we love fashion, makeup and SHOES does not mean we aren’t able to form an opinion on other subjects, does it?

Please share something surprising about you.

I’d love to hear about misconceptions people have had (or have) about you too!

Please leave a comment or send me an email… samantha44blair(at)

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