How to Wear a Vintage Pencil Skirt, with Attitude!

how to wear vintage pencil skirt

I was going to call this post: Wearing Vintage in a modern way.

But, as I thought about it, I had to acknowledge that none of the items in this outfit are actually “new-season” or particularly modern.
This look is a real mixture of Vintage and just plain, old clothes!
We don’t always need to be breaking the bank, or buying new things, to feel good.

Yes, new clothes and accessories are nice, but not always necessary….and sometimes we have other priorities for our hard-earned pennies.

I have to admit that I really love vintage clothes.
And, I am very keen to add more items to my wardrobe.

{I really need to go shopping with someone who knows what they are doing!}

However, despite this love of vintage, I am not into the full-on vintage look.
Much as I love to see it on other people, it is not for me.

So, here is how I styled my vintage pencil skirt (again) with plenty of my own personality!

{See this vintage skirt, styled with chunky boots, for work.
And, in a fun way with my trilby and a cropped top!}

how to wear vintage pencil skirt

This look came together very easily….
The skirt is black and pink/red houndstooth, with purple flecks.
It was calling out for a colourful top.
So, I chose this one that I found in a charity shop, bringing so much energy and colour to my look.
It has a sheer front (and back) with a fine merino knitted yoke and sleeve edges.
A beautiful quality item, but a bit chilly on a winter’s day, so I am wearing a poloneck top under it (and a brushed thermal vest under that too…got to love those cosy layers!)
See a post about my secret layers here.

The top is so colourful that it allowed me to wear my green belt, purple tights and grey shoes…although I could have had my pick of practically any colour!

Do you see the horse peeping out of my waist-band?
So much fun!

how to wear vintage pencil skirt

I wore this green eyelet belt, with a jumpsuit…in this post.

These grey leather shoes, may be old but they still make me smile.
Great quality, mini-platform, comfortable and super-soft leather (with a studded satin toe).
Pretty with purple too!

Do you like to mix your Vintage items with Modern pieces?
Or, do you often make a fresh look from “old” clothes?
Please share in the comments…I love to hear your ideas!
If you prefer, you can tweet me @samantha4blair.

Skirt: Vintage Windsmoor (this one is nice and on sale!)
Tights: Fogal
Shoes: Luca Stefani these could be nice….with the right outfit.
Top: Ted Baker (old) found in a charity shop. This one is nice too.
Belt: Unknown (this one is similar)
Polo neck top: New look.

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