One Black and White Shirt Dress, 3 ways

one black and white shirt dress 3 ways

This post is the second in a series called the Ping Pong Posts.

See the first post here, with details of how this project came about and how far these clothes have travelled.

This time Anna, Ann and I are styling a shirt dress.
Easy peasy.

Well… I have to admit that I struggled with this shirt dress.
I am not very good at dressing “to order”, anyway. Add in the fact that this dress is not mine, made it even harder.
I was beginning to worry that I would let the girls down.

The shirt dress is very oversized, and I toyed with adding a belt in an attempt to make it more fitted.
Unfortunately, the addition of a belt made me look like a little girl dressed up in her mum’s clothes.
Especially if I was wearing heels.
Oh dear!
Was this dress going to beat me?

one black and white shirt dress 3 ways

I decided to stop trying too hard and just relax.
A casual look was the answer.

The dress is oversized, and too much all-over volume can make me look really scrawny, so I decided to get the “Samantha Bag” out to do some work for me.
It’s chain strap lay across my body, adding a little shape.

Luckily the dress has brilliant pockets (I LOVE a well placed pocket) making it easy to control in gusts of wind and adding to the casual feel.

I left the neckline open, and rolled up the sleeves, to make it less overwhelming.
Adding one of my favourite necklaces gave more structure to the look.

one black and white shirt dress 3 ways

Shoes were a potentially a problem too.
I discovered that heels were a no-no (too dress up).
Brogues looked odd.
Sandals weren’t working either.
In the end I reached for my old faithful gutties.
Simple, comfortable and effortless.
Exactly the look I was going for.

Plain silver hoops finished things off nicely.

After my initial panic I actually really enjoyed the look (and feel) of this dress.
What was I worrying about?
It would be a perfect casual look, on a warm day….come on Scottish sun!

Dress: Ichi (this one is pretty)
Shoes: Guess (these are nice)
Bag: c/o Yosa
Glasses: Primark (these are cool)
Cuff and Earrings: old
Necklace: Tatty Devine

Anna, from Anna’s Island Style, 

She is the mastermind behind this ping-ponging and the owner of the shirt dress.

I love the way she styled it, as an over-shirt.

{Why didn’t I think of that!?}

Mixing patterns within a simple palette is so effective.
I love the way this outfit keeps your eye moving.

Check out Anna’s blog to see how she works wonders with her charity shop finds.
She has such an eye for a bargain!

Follow her on instagram

Dress: Ichi
Trousers: H&M
Top: Primark
Belt: H&M
Shoes: SixtySeven
Bangle and rings: Charity shop
Sunglasses: Quay Australia

Ann, from Kremb de la Kremb

Ann’s backgrounds always make me smile.
I love the shot of her looking at the paintings.

{She took these herself, with a tripod and remote}

Her look is totally different, again.
I had a sneaking suspicion she might add some red to the mix.
Black, white and red are perfect together.
Her red trench is making me feel that trench coats don’t need to be boring at all!

Check out Ann’s blog for more boldness and great DIY projects (she customised this little bag).

Follow her on instagram.

Sequin beret: H&M

Double Back Red Earrings: Chinese Market

Red Trench: Shanghai Tailor

Dress: Anna’s

Clutch: DIY with Découpage

Socks: Forever 21

Booties: Zara

How would you have styled this shirt dress?

Please let me know in the comments….or tweet me @samantha4blair

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