Growing out a Pixie Cut | Part 2: 3-8 Months

growing out pixie cut part

I’m growing out my pixie cut.

This is my third pixie grow-out, and it’s never an easy ride.
The only way to tackle a grow-out successfully is to keep trimming!
Real patience is needed.

Over 40, it is more important than ever for each stage of the grow-out to look like a definite style.
A scruffy, and unkempt, pixie (with the inevitable uneven grow-out pattern) is not a good look.

My Pixie Grow-out, Part 2

(See the grow-out: Part 1 HERE)

Part two should be a much easier part of the process, right?
Not really!
This can be the worst stage.

Your patience may have worn thin.
Your hair becomes SO annoying and you could feel like an unkempt old frump!

Every part of you might be screaming…

“Chop it off!!” (again)

I have wanted my tidy pixie back again countless times.
So many bad hair days.

Some days it looks okay and for a few weeks you might think…

“This is easy!”

growing out pixie cut part

Then suddenly….
It’s a mess.

growing out pixie cut part

My hair starts to look chunky and frumpy again.
Return of the Lego hair!

So (taking my own advice) I dyed it brown and almost slipped into a coma with boredom!
I love brown hair at other times but brown is not my growing-out-a-pixie colour.

growing out pixie cut part

I needed a trim to remove some weight, and that brown dye to wash out… hurry up please!

Luckily, winter provides the perfect opportunity to cover up a bad hair day.
And, blame a messy mop on “Hat hair”.
Hats have been my best friends over the past few months.

Thank goodness hair grows quickly (even though it sometimes doesn’t feel like it) and by the 8 month stage my hair is it’s on it’s way to where I want it to be.
Suddenly I feel like it is in a ‘style’, and not just a grown-out mess.

I’ve added a little (red-brown) henna to boost my red tones, and my mood.
Henna also thickens the hair shaft a little, and boosts shine.

I am due to go back to the salon again for another tidy up, but I will spin it out as long as I can.
Doing some DIY trimming every now and again helps to extend the time between appointments, and saves a few quid.

5 more tips for growing out your pixie cut, as painlessly as possible.

(See 9 more tips HERE)

  1. Wear a hat! Clips and cute headbands can look little crazy as we get older. (Unless, of course, your “normal” style involves this kind of accessory. If it does, lucky you! Growing out your pixie will be a doddle) Hat’s on the other hand are PERFECT… thank you winter (or summer) :o). You can cover up a bad day or blame a messy ‘do’ on hat hair.
  2. Try Henna. Keep on top of your colour. If you regularly cover your greys, keep doing it. Nothing is as depressing as a scruffy, partially grown-out pixie with grey temples and roots. I have started using Henna again and the condition of my hair has improved AND henna thickens your hair slightly too… win win!
  3. Puff it up! Growing out your pixie is hard. There is no easy way to do it, and there will be days where you feel like a mess. On days like these, try and play around with the texture of your hair and mess it up a bit. Puff it up, mess around with it. Try using straighteners to add some texture or curl. Making a feature of its non-uniformity makes it easier to bear.
  4. Invest in some more nice products.  No product will make your hair grow faster, but oils and treatments can improve it’s condition. Lush has some lovely hair products. Treat yourself.
  5. Keep going. When things get tough, remember that your hair will get there… Keep going, you can do it!!

Have you successfully tackled the pixie-grow-out?
Please share any growing tips you have, in the comments.
I would love to hear them!

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