The Power of Colour | Is Orange Unprofessional?

is orange unprofessional colour

Is orange the WORST colour to wear for an interview?
Apparently so!
I was reading an article recently listing the top colours to wear to an interview, and orange was mentioned as the worst.
A really big no-no if you want that job.

(Have a look online, there are a few articles on this subject.)

A subtle blue is supposed to be the best for both men and women.

{Maybe not this cobalt though!}

Orange is very unprofessional.
Orange sends a message of too much creativity (??).
Wearing orange means you probably have a fun personality.
Terrible right?

is orange unprofessional colour

Luckily, I am not going for an interview.

{Thank goodness because this outfit would definitely NOT land me the job!}

If I was interviewing someone to come and work with me (at Fake Fabulous) orange would definitely help them get the job!
Fun Personality and too much creativity?
Yes please!

I really do LOVE a splash of orange.

{See this post with LOTS of orangeness going on!)

All joking aside, never underestimate the importance of making the right ‘first impression’ at an interview.
Those initial few seconds really do count.

I would never recommend adding lots of colour (and too much personality) to your formal interview attire….You can do that once you have landed the job 😝!

{Save your new orange trousers for the second day.}

What you can say about yourself using colour…

  • BLACK – I am Powerful, Disciplined and Strong. Perfect for that management position!
  • WHITE – I am immaculate with great attention to detail. I am strong and organised.
  • GREY – I am Practical, Cautious and Self-Sufficient.
  • RED – I am Powerful, Energetic, Passionate and Confident.
  • ORANGE – I am very Creative, Confident and Vibrant.
  • YELLOW – I believe in Freedom and Fairness. I am Optimistic and Joyous.
  • GREEN – I am Well-Balanced and Secure.
  • BLUE – I am a great Communicator. I am Loyal and can be Trusted.
  • BROWN – I am Stable, Honest and Practical.
  • PURPLE – I am Sophisticated, Creative, Wise and Spiritual.
  • PINK – I am Affectionate and Serene.
is orange unprofessional colour

This outfit is certainly not professional, but it is perfect for adding a pop of colour to a dull day.
Perfect for boosting my mood and making me smile.
And, perfect for hiding a multitude of secret layers!

These over-the-knee boots are warm enough on their own but become super-cosy with the addition of thick socks and woollen tights.
Adding two thermal layers (one of which is hidden) under a sheer camisole top makes my outfit seem lighter, brighter and less “Wintery”.
A bold necklace (and neutral bag) finished things off nicely.

What would you wear if you had an interview tomorrow?
My last one was twenty years ago (for a Scientific post) and it was VERY boring… grey suit and a cream shirt….ZZZzzzzzz.

COAT: Hearts and Hands @ Urban Outfitters (old)
HAT: M&S gents
NECKLACE: Oliver Bonas
BAG: c/o Bonmarché
SKIRT: c/o Bonmarché

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