How I styled a Jumper dress | Autumn Colour.

Wearing a chunky knit dress with bright coloured tights.

It was a beautiful October day, here in Scotland, today.
My husband was scraping frost off the windscreen this morning, then the sun came out.
This crisp weather calls for cosy clothes.
I love comfortable clothing and, of course, I love being toasty warm.
So, a jumper dress (or sweater dress) seems like the perfect option for me.

how i styled jumper dress autumn colour

However, there are pitfalls.

Jumper dresses can make me look like I am shaped like an ironing board.

…and a little chunky with it.
I know I am not be the curviest of people, but all signs of a waist are lost here.
This is a common problem.
I am almost tempted to belt this dress BUT I must resist.

Belting this jumper dress is a one way ticket to frumpsville.
Instead I would wear a cropped jacket over it, maybe a biker? …One that ends at my waist.
Try it. It honestly works! (see how a cropped jumper gives me a waist here, with skinny jeans).

The chunkiness of the pattern adds bulk.
It is an intarsia knit so all of the different coloured yarns are behind the pattern, adding a significant amount of thickness.
The turtleneck can be unforgiving too (especially if your neck is short or there is a little bit of turkey going on).
Thankfully, the length is good [phew] short enough…but not too much.

{The midi length knitted dresses can look much more edgy but need careful styling….that is a post for another day}

I went for BRIGHT blue tights, they are so comfortable (see them with my Orange dress in this post).
I could have picked out any of the other colours too. You won’t be surprised to read that I have a pair of tights to pick out every colour in this dress!

I wore my, what can only be described as sloppy, suede boots which are totally flat and are like slippers.
They have plenty of room inside them for cosy socks (I chose teal ones today).
My “happy” bag came out again…I could not resist!

The dress has so much going on that any OTT jewellery was unnecessary.
Simple studs were enough.

how i styled jumper dress autumn colour

Do you love to wear Jumper dresses? Or do you steer clear because of the pitfalls?
Please let me know in the comments…I love to read your thoughts

See how the fabric bulks up around my tummy in this shot?
Comfort won today, and the bright colours kept the eye moving, but sweater dresses are definitely NOT an easy styling option.

Dress: Graduate fashion week (old)… This one is a very cool Midi length.
Tights: Fogal (c/o UKtights)
Boots: Boden (mini Boden)
PomPom: Topshop

how i styled jumper dress autumn colour

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