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Autumn colours make me smile.

how to wear red coat with clashing

And I love this Red coat.
It is the perfect weight for Autumn / Fall.
Not hot and heavy, not cool and flimsy.

The only problem is; It can look a little ‘mumsy’, so I need to be careful how I wear it.

Boden called it a Coatigan, and it is a fair description.
Part coat, part cardigan, perfect for Autumn.

how to wear red coat with clashing

This Camel jumpsuit was on a bargain rail at a charity shop. 

“All items £1.00”.

Yes, you read that correctly, one pound!It was a crumpled and distorted mess. A very sorry sight indeed, but I could see it’s potential.
It just needed a couple of stitches (the belt loops had burst) a good wash and an iron.
Then, “Hey presto” a great new item!

It has a good weight of fabric and a satisfying drape, although careful underwear is needed (it is viscose, which can be unforgiving).

I am not a shape-wear fan. I would always advocate the “less is more” philosophy when it comes to underwear.
Pain and discomfort are not an option for me.
If it is digging in and flesh is oozing then take it off!
I am not saying that you should go without, but a small amount of gently fitting silk or lace fabric is much more flattering than acres of restricting elastane….all that flesh has to go somewhere!

My wide leather belt helped to give the jumpsuit some more structure around the middle, which is important in a cheaper (and unlined) item. See how I used it HERE.

I wanted to wear this pussy bow blouse again (See how I styled it HERE and HERE) it was such a cheap and cheerful item but I have had a lot of use out of it and it washes surprisingly well.

This fabulous bag is new, and I love it’s quirkiness.
It is silly and fun and very tongue-in-cheek…I think it helps de-mumsyfy (a new word!) my red coat a little more.
It really does make me smile.

These Clarks brogues are the perfect shoe for this outfit…a little masculine, a little feminine and VERY comfortable (see how I wore them HERE).

Have you ever “rescued” anything from a bargain bucket and given it a new lease of life?
Please share in the comments!

COAT: Boden Coatigan  (not similar, but I love this one!)
BLOUSE: Primark (I like this one)
JUMPSUIT: H&M (found in a charity shop for £1.00!) similar one.
BELT: My old faithful from Topshop.
BAG: Marina Galanti I can’t find anything else like it.
POM POM’s: Newlook
SHOES: Clarks (similar ones from Ted and Muffy)

how to wear red coat with clashing

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