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is capsule wardrobe for you

Capsule wardrobes seem to be a hot topic again, don’t they?
They’re always making an appearance in blog posts, magazines and on various websites…. including YouTube.

Having a fully functioning capsule wardrobe can seem very grown-up and organised.
Quite appealing really!

An efficient capsule wardrobe (that does all of the work for you) would make mornings so easy.
No more wondering what to wear with what.
Everything works with everything else.
Pulled together.


What if the thought of being restricted to just a few pieces fills you with dread.
What if your capsule would have to be the size of an aircraft hanger to satisfy your craving for variation in style and colour?
What if you’re not ready to be a ‘grown-up’ when it comes to your wardrobe choices?!

Can you really have a capsule wardrobe if you love colourful clothes and an individual look?

{Check out this video from the lovely Justine if you like the sound of creating a traditional capsule wardrobe.}

I must admit that having a capsule wardrobe has never really appealed to me at all!
I love too many different colours and variations in shape and style.
A capsule is not going to work for my life.
Or is it?

After more thought I decided to try and create mini capsule wardrobes for each season and situation in my life.

It turns out that living in a temperate and variable climate (like Scotland) has it’s benefits.
Different seasons mean different capsules!

Also, different lifestyles require different capsules too.
Therefore, for Autumn I need a work capsule and a casual capsule.
I’m beginning to warm to this idea already 😃.

This week I am going to attempt to create my first capsule wardrobe.
What will it include?
Can a capsule wardrobe work when colour, texture and pattern come into play?
Will it work at all?
Will I get bored?
Stay tuned to find out if I succeed or fail!

Are you a die hard ‘Capsuler’?
Have you ever had a capsule wardrobe that failed?
Does a capsule wardrobe fill you with dread?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.
I would love your opinion on this!

My Favourite link from last week was from Pamela from Style yourself confident.
Great ideas for any wannabe capsulers!

is capsule wardrobe for you


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