Paisley Pencil Skirt and Tan Clogs. Easy Daywear.

paisley pencil skirt and tan

Unfortunately, due to one thing and another, the paisley skirt post was shelved.

However, I really liked the look of this outfit, and these photographs!
{A sunny spring day, in Scotland, is a beautiful thing.}

So, these images were sitting on my computer, unused but too nice to ‘trash’.
Then something happened…

paisley pencil skirt and tan

I was in town recently, and the (very) old necklace in these photos snapped… sending countless beads flying in every direction.

{The same thing happened to another necklace when I was in London, but I saved that one!}

I had worn these wooden beads many times over the years, but had never used them on the blog, and I felt quite sad about that.
What a shame.
This necklace was lost forever.

Then I remembered the photos of the unused paisley skirt.
My necklace was captured on film afterall!

As the skirt is no longer being used for our group post, I’ve decided to share this look with you.
I love the simplicity of an outfit like this one.

A patterned skirt, vest top and jumper.
What could be easier?

Adding my wooden necklace (and clogs) kept things from getting too formal.
A subtle pattern clash (from my bag) finished things off nicely!

paisley pencil skirt and tan

I thought I would leave you with this shot of me doing what I do best…
Taking a drink of tea between shots!

Have you ever had a necklace (or bracelet) snap when you were out?
Could you fix it?
Or, was it lost forever?

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