It’s a Sweatshirt Day! | Comfort Dressing.

Styling a sweatshirt dress without looking sloppy.
{Or, wearing heels!}

its sweatshirt day comfort dressing

Some days you just want to be comfortable, don’t you?
Those days when you can’t be bothered with tight jeans, tailoring or stiff fabrics.
When you don’t want anything pinching or squeezing.
The days you need easy and comfortable dressing.

The obvious thing to do, is to reach for a more casual outfit.
It should be simple, right?

But, with comfortable dressing comes the danger of looking too sloppy.
Or, worse in my opinion, frumpy.
Especially as we get older.
Can we really get away with wearing a sweatshirt dress (or similar) in the real world?

If you look up “Comfort Dressing” online, there are a whole host of beautiful (and expensive) designer items to covet.
Lots of cashmere and silk, quality leggings, luxurious knitted dresses, decedent chunky knits.
However, they are (more often than not) styled with heels!

The whole point in being comfortable (for me) is for my whole body to feel the comfort.
There is no point in putting on marshmallow-soft clothing only to be crippled by shoes!

Yes, there is no denying that heels look amazing.
They lengthen the leg.
Lift the bum.
Tighten the legs.
And, “Smarten-up” the most casual of outfits.

But, even the most comfortable of comfortable heels, is still a heel.
And nothing beats a flat shoe (with plenty of wiggle room) for the ultimate in comfort.

With the help of my “Geek shoes“, this outfit is comfort dressing from head to toe!

its sweatshirt day comfort dressing

This outfit was perfect for today’s weather.
We are enduring yet another storm, so the wind was crazy!
You can see the plant getting battered in the photograph below….and my hair sticking up!

{My husband was hiding behind the house, popping out to take my photograph between savage gusts}

its sweatshirt day comfort dressing

I really needed to be layered up again today (there is a theme developing with my posts; layers, layers and then more layers, just for good measure!)
So here I am wearing a thermal base layer, then a polo neck, then this sweatshirt dress.

This dress is an easy shape, with handy pockets and a slightly longer hem at the back.
It has sheer panels at the sleeves, which are a navy/petrol colour, so I paired it with navy/petrol thick tights.
{I am actually wearing two pairs as it is COLD}

These Geeky shoes were the perfect choice, for me, today.
I could have worn some trainers, or converse-style gutties, but I was not really in the mood for them.
I believe we should always dress to suit our mood, or the mood we want to portray to others.

These fun shoes added a little personality to an otherwise plain outfit.
A pile of necklaces, and my little silver bag (the pom poms are back), finished things off perfectly.

{I even turned my toes in for the shot accentuate the geek chic effect!}

Dress: Neon Rose (This one is similar)
Shoes: Office (these are nice)
Necklaces: Various. (this is pretty)
Bag: Topshop (this one is nice)
Hat: River Island

What is your go-to outfit when you crave comfort?

Would you wear a sweatshirt dress?
How would you style it?

Please let me know in the comments (or tweet me @samantha4blair) I love to hear your ideas!

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