Wearing Dungarees, over 40 | Chanel-style Tweed and Denim.

wearing dungarees over 40 chanel style

Chanel-style tweed jacket.

This fun look started with a chanel-style, tweed jacket.

I have a serious Love/Hate relationship with this jacket.

I want to love it’s classic lines and timeless style BUT, I always feel a tad frumpy when I put it on.
Frumpy and boring.
It makes me think of old ladies, at weddings, smelling of mothballs.
Old ladies with perfectly coiffed, and lacquered, hair.
Too posh, too stuffy…and just a bit naff.

Was it was another of my (expensive) fashion mistakes?

wearing dungarees over 40 chanel style

I decided that the only way to wear it was with with the least frumpy, and most fun, item in my wardrobe.

I needed something in a great neutral colour, that is the style-opposite of a classic tweed jacket.
Something that is as far removed from smart, coiffed and posh as you can get.
These dungarees are perfect!

I know I should probably give these dungarees a break (for a while) but I can’t help myself!
Dungarees are so versatile.
And, they make me smile!

wearing dungarees over 40 chanel style

I wanted to keep the lines of my outfit as simple as possible, so a plain white T-shirt was the order of the day.
These light tan, old skool, buckled sandals are comfortable, and easy to wear.
They give me a little height too.
Lengthening my legs and counteracting the shortening effect of the dungarees.

Three pretty brooches added a dash of femininity, and finished things off nicely!

Have you got a favourite look (or item) this Spring?
Please share in the comments.
Or send me a picture, on twitter @samantha4blair

Tweed jacket: Boden (old)…this one is similar.
Dungarees: Topshop…almost sold out…these are nice too!
Shoes: Clarks originals (these are pretty)…these are different, but wow!
Bag: Primark (similar)
T-shirt: Boden
Brooches: Old (similar fish, similar flower, similar disk)

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